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America Buying a Border Fence for Ukraine, But DHS Says Border Fences Don’t Work

August 20, 2014
Rick Wells
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Only in the United States could the enumerated powers and responsibilities of the Executive Branch be ignored by the “president” while he simultaneously provides those same protections to foreign countries around the globe.

The latest instance of our federal hypocrisy is occurring now, in the standoff in Ukraine. Hussein Obama’s State Department has granted a contract for the delivery of 2,500 spools of Concertina wire to the government of Ukraine for the purpose of securing their border with Russia.

Of course, that is a tactic that only works outside of North America. On our continent, border fences are mysteriously ineffective. At least, that is what those who are supposed to be protecting our nation have repeatedly told us.

Fences still function just fine at prison facilities, warehouses and military installations. There’s even a security fence for some strange reason around the White House. But they would never work to keep people from crossing our open border.

The concept of border fences is so “foreign” to our federal government that whoever typed the notification even misspelled the word security. It was probably a subconscious thing, with them just unaccustomed to seeing that word in such close proximity to the word “border.”

The notice describes this as “urgently needed” assistance to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine. Maybe they’ve got Russian children trying to break into their country. Those Ukrainians are just wasting America’s money trying to secure their country if that’s the case. We all know there is no way to stop determined children. Once they’ve made their mind up to break into your country, there is no option but to build detention centers, find them homes and throw money at them.

If the Ukrainians are lucky, they’ll just have to guard against the Russian military. Fencing has a chance of working if they are only trying to keep out armed foreign soldiers.

The posting appeared on the government business opportunities website at this link.


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