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Alleged L.A. Kidnappers Are Illegal Aliens–One Deported 3 Times

August 13, 2014
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SAN DIEGO — Four persons charged with the kidnapping for ransom of a woman in Los Angeles earlier this month have been confirmed as illegal aliens–and one has been confirmed as “arrested and repatriated to Mexico three times since 1999,” including earlier this year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials confirmed to Breitbart News.

ICE stated that the four (above, and below) are not U.S. citizens, having no “legal basis to be in the U.S.” and told Breitbart News that it “has lodged immigration detainers against all four suspects charged in connection with the kidnapping for ransom incident,” according to a spokesperson.


Charges against the four individuals relate to a 44-year old woman whom L.A. County authorities rescued Aug. 6 after she allegedly had been held for two days without food or water. Francisco Inacua, the husband of the woman’s longtime coworker Judith Maldonado, allegedly picked the victim up and offered to give her a ride home, according to an L.A. County Sheriff’s Department press release.

Inacua reportedly drove to a restaurant where, in alleged coordination with two other suspects, he left the vehicle with the woman inside. The two others, Uziel Figueroa and Rocio Inacua, reportedly “kidnapped the victim at gunpoint, forcing her to the floorboard of the vehicle.” She was then allegedly  “driven to the garage bound and blindfolded by duct tape, and kept in squalid conditions until her rescue two days later.”

Under alleged threat of killing or harming the victim, kidnappers allegedly demanded ransom in the amount of $110,000 while they held the woman.

According to the LASD release, all four suspects allegedly admitted playing a role in the kidnapping; however, all four have also reportedly pled not guilty to charges filed against them for the kidnapping.

The ICE spokesperson confirmed to Breitbart News on Tuesday that “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has lodged immigration detainers against all four suspects charged in connection with the kidnapping for ransom incident.”

While three of the four suspects, Rocia Inacua, Uziel Cuevas and Judith Maldonado, are confirmed to have “no prior enforcement encounters with the Department of Homeland Security,” it was confirmed that “none of the three has a legal basis to be in the U.S.”

The fourth suspect was confirmed through ICE to have been deported three times since 1999 and “most recently in February of this year, when he was formally deported based upon a removal order issued by an immigration judge.”

“The immigration detainer requests that the sheriff’s department turn the suspects over to ICE if and when they are released from local custody so ICE can pursue possible follow-up immigration enforcement action” according to the ICE spokesperson.

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