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No Nancy Pelosi, You have it Backwards. You are the One that is Insignificant & a Liar

August 8, 2014
Richard Anthony
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I do so love a good playhouse 90! Who needs to watch soap opera’s when all one has to do, is watch our elected officials in action. It appears that the elderly and extremely mentally challenged Congresswoman from San Francisco had a bit of a melt-down this last Friday. Rep Tom Marino’s (R-PA) remarks on the House floor last Friday got the old gal moving so “fast and furious-ly,” you’d think she was at a Democrat fundraiser accepting checks from rich liberal donor’s personally.

“You know something that I find quite interesting about the other side?” the Pennsylvania Republican congressman asked as he concluded his comments on the border supplemental. “Under the leadership of the former Speaker [Pelosi], and under the leadership of their former leader [Rep. Steny Hoyer], when in 2009 and 2010, they had the House, the Senate and the White House, and they knew this problem existed.” “They didn’t have the strength to go after it back then,” Marino added. “But now are trying to make a political issue out of it now.”

“Off-mic,” Parkinson and Good described how Pelosi “then approached Marino, crossing the aisle in view of cameras, and apparently challenged Marino’s assertion that Democrats did not do anything about the issue when they had majority control.”

“Yes it is true,” Marino told Pelosi. “I did the research on it. You might want to try it. You might want to try it, Madam Leader. Do the research on it. Do the research. I did it. That’s one thing that you don’t do.”

“Apparently,” Marino surmised of Pelosi’s response to his comments, “I hit the right nerve.”

Yes, he sure did!

You can watch the video here:

It’s one thing when Pelosi calls Tea Party members “Nazis” and “AstroTurf.” Heck, we can take it; just consider the source. But to get right in the face of another member of Congress and call him a “liar” & “insignificant” while congress is in session is quite another. Someone better break-out the Valium and get Pelosi a glass of water, she’s finally gone off the deep end. I really think the old gal is ready for the loony bin myself.

Pelosi seems to forget sometimes that she no longer is the Speaker of the House. I guess that makes her “insignificant,” doesn’t it? Or is it a really severe case of dementia that caused her to come un-glued? Either way, someone should put her out to pasture; or is it put her out of her misery?

Either way works for me.

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