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Amnesty Supporter Hits Woman Protesting Illegal Immigration With His Truck

August 7, 2014
Kit Daniels & Joe Biggs
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truckAn amnesty supporter hit a woman protesting illegal immigration with his truck while making it clear he didn’t support what she was doing, according to an eyewitness.

The incident recently occurred at a gas station in California while the woman was traveling with the Border Convoy, a group of Americans driving from the West Coast to Texas to educate the public on the dangers of illegal immigration.

The amnesty supporter aimed his truck at her and revved his engine, according to Border Convoy member Eric Odom.

“He literally moved his vehicle up to her and pushed her out of his way with his truck,” he said. “He then made it very clear that he didn’t support what we were doing.”

“That type of aggressive reaction is what we’ve gotten all along the way.”

Odom also added that none of the amnesty supporters they have encountered seem to be able to talk to them peacefully.

“They literally hit us with vehicles, run us off the road, surround our hotels and have us evacuated at 4:30 in the morning, and that’s pretty much what we’ve seen from the opposition from day one,” he stated.

Amnesty activists were also violent in Murrieta, California, several weeks ago when residents turned back buses carrying illegal aliens into the city.

In one notable incident on July 4, supporters of illegal immigration started a mini-riot which led to the arrest of five people.

Law enforcement officials and mainstream media outlets, however, refused to disclose who started the riot, giving the public the false impression that anti-amnesty demonstrators had caused the violence until a video emerged which showed that wasn’t the case.

“According to anti-amnesty activists, the opposing demonstrators labeled themselves ‘anarchist-communists’ and had plotted to cause trouble beforehand,” journalist Paul Joseph Watson wrote. “One of the communist agitators slapped a woman in the face before being grabbed by police.”

“Her friends then jumped on the police officer and tried to wrestle the woman away.”

Such violence will be commonplace if America’s southern border stays porous.

Case in point, two illegals were recently charged with the murder of an off-duty Border Patrol agent during an attempted robbery while he was on a fishing trip with his family near the South Texas town of Lyford.

And this isn’t an isolated incident. Obama’s open border policy is encouraging violent illegal aliens to enter the United States, and unfortunately quite a few of the people who support illegal immigration have violent tendencies as well.

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