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An Illegal Immigration Question for Every Politician

August 3, 2014
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Our exalted (by some not all) elected officials are home for 5 weeks looking, cajoling and some lying for your vote. Ask them this.

If America was not a nation of laws supporting freedom why would people risk all to come here illegally from their lawless nations with little freedom and opportunity. When we become a lawless nation with less freedom and opportunity, then what?

End illegal immigration.

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  1. August 3, 2014 2:22 pm

    I struggled with that because it entails deviate from our tendency to “see no evil”. But I finally concluded that a Nation with people who uses kids to move to greener pasture, a land where values has these kids raped along the way and people who uses drugs to make fast money and Coyotes etc etc….I concluded such people deserve what they are getting by electing people with despicable sewer values So, why are they coming here? BECAUSE BY NOW WE HAVE BEEN INFILTRATED WITH CORRUPTION AND THEY
    DESPICABLE ACTIONS WILL BE EASIER. As the Jewish Russian MAFIA stated: “we have TV in Russia and that i how it is done in the USA”. THE CIA finally by accident perhaps, are doing the right thing to investigate and spy on Congress” The center of corruption and members serving the Interest of foreign entities mostly for money”. THEY SHOULD GET OUT OF OUR HOMES AND FIND THE TRAITORS IN CONGRESS.

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