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Washington and Lee Capitulates: Takes Down Confederate Flags, Locks out Sons Of Confederate Vets

July 28, 2014
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On April 17, Breitbart News reported a group a black students calling themselves “The Committee” placed several demands on Washington and Lee University, including calls for the university to remove all Confederate flags from campus, “acknowledge” Robert E. Lee’s “dishonorable side,” and end neo-Confederate marches across campus to the Lee Chapel.

By July 9, the Confederate flags had been removed from Lee Chapel and during July 25-27 the Chapel and onsite Museum were closed so that the Sons of Confederate Veterans could not access them during their marches and meetings on campus.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “The Committee” member Brandon Hicks spoke to the removal of the flags by saying: “I’m excited about the progress we’ve been able to create on campus.” He said after his group threatened civil disobedience on campus, “the administration and law school [have] been really helpful about facilitating conversation about inclusivity on campus.”

Regarding the closure of the Chapel and Museum, WSLS 10 reports the school did this as a “safety precaution because of the threatening emails, letters, and phone calls they have received after removing replica Confederate flags from the Chapel.”

The closure coincides perfectly with the dates–July 25-27–that the Sons of Confederate Veterans would be on campus.

On July 26, The Stonewall Brigade hosted a vigil on Hopkins Green with this message for the school:

Washington and Lee announced that Lee Chapel would be closed this weekend because they feel ‘threatened’ by the presence of those who will come to peacefully protest the removal of Confederate flags from Robert E. Lee’s grave. All scheduled events are not even near Washington & Lee or Lee Chapel, so this is obviously a PR stunt contrived by Washington & Lee to make it appear as if we intend to harm Lee Chapel or its staff.

In the meantime, the history of school-namesake General Robert E. Lee is being scrubbed from campus.

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  1. Pazuzu permalink
    July 28, 2014 10:33 am

    If ‘the committee doesn’t like it there, why did they enroll in the first place?

  2. Michael in Maricopa County permalink
    July 28, 2014 10:10 am

    This is but another example of revisionist history in the making. One does not have to agree with the errors of the past, but those errors were what guided millions of people in that day and age and they are, part and parcel of our American history. Blacks who object to such historical accuracy are themselves acting like fear mongering hysterical racists. They find refuge in disparaging others, simply because they claim they are being harmed by individuals and activities that replicate a time honored tradition that is remembered…..but that is not put into actual practice. By forcing the removal of those symbols of our American history by the use of reverse racism, “The Committee”, an ominous name for those seeking their brand of truth, have scarred beyond recognition, the importance of that struggle so many decades ago. General Robert e. Lee was and should never be considered a Benedict Arnold. Indeed, he was and should be remembered as a great American. One who loved Virginia, like a father loves his wife and children. History reveals him to be a compassionate patriot – who like so many other Generals of the day, understood that the choices they made would forever be scorned by the generations who never walked in their shoes. Today, as many of us see the growing usurpation of Federal intrusion upon our every facet of life, we are being forced, just like Lee, to defend our Freedom and Liberty in much the same way. Millions of Americans are being called “conspiracy” freaks, vigilantes and anarchists, simply because we disagree with the government messages. Churches are being monitored and ministers are being compromised, while the Rule of Law is being ignored and the Constitution is being shredded. an invasion of our nation is being sanctioned by this administration….this Congress….and this Supreme court, all in the name of inclusitivity, the same term used by “The Committee” at Washington and Lee. The larger issue here is not the Confederate Flag, or General Lee, or the current tyrannical actions of our government. the real issue is whether or not there are enough Americans who will be prepared to stand up for Freedom and Liberty to the extent that it will once again be secured for ourselves and for our posterity? That is the issue and that is the numbing q

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