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Illegals Still Circumventing TSA, Claims Border Patrol Whistleblower

July 27, 2014
Adan Salazar
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Illegal aliens are being loaded onto planes without being screened by TSA agents, a Border Patrol officer working in the Rio Grande Valley sector recently told Infowars.

Speaking out despite a federally imposed gag order, the officer, who spoke to Infowars on the condition of anonymity, but whose identity has been verified and confirmed, revealed that during a flight last week, he observed pregnant illegal immigrants “bypassed TSA” before boarding a plane.

Here’s the agent’s e-mail:

Good Morning,

I noticed that there were many pregnant adult female aliens and UAC [Unaccompanied Alien Children] teenage aliens on my flight from Corpus Christi to [redacted to protect officer’s identity] this morning. They bypassed TSA and boarded first. Even before me, an armed plain clothes law enforcement agent. [Emphasis added]

The agent’s intel comes weeks after Border Patrol union reps alerted the media earlier this month that the federal agency tasked with policing airborne travelers was allowing illegals onto planes sans proper identification.

“The aliens who are getting released on their own recognizance are being allowed to board and travel commercial airliners by simply showing their Notice to Appear forms,” National Border Patrol Council #2455 spokesman Hector Garza told Breitbart News.

Following the allegations, the Department of Homeland Security fired back, issuing a statement claiming that “these reports are false. A notice to appear is not an acceptable form of I.D. at the T.S.A checkpoint.”

In the wake of the Breitbart story, the National Border Patrol Council also obtained a statement revealing the TSA had reversed its program following media attention.

“The policy reversal proves that the TSA has once again been caught lying to the American people in an attempt to cover up its malfeasance,” highlighted Infowars’ Paul Joseph Watson. “This latest scandal arrives months after it was revealed that the federal agency followed a State Department directive to spare members of the Muslim Brotherhood traveling to the US in 2012 a TSA pat down or any kind of secondary screening,”

Though brief, our Border Patrol whistleblower’s recent intel suggests that, in addition to using tax payer dollars to ship illegals virtually anywhere in the U.S. they want to go, the federal government is also allowing them to bypass security checkpoints every other traveler must go through.

The same agent made it known to Infowars last week that the Rio Grande Valley sector had received orders to begin releasing pregnant female illegal immigrants in “ANY stage of pregnancy,” even if they merely claimed to be pregnant.

“We do not have a method of testing for an actual pregnancy, either,” the agent wrote to us in an e-mail. “It appears that we have to take their word for it.”

“Sad to say a normal law abiding American citizen has to remove their shoes to get on an airplane these days and go through additional screening,”  a Border Patrol union representative lamented to “For the U.S government to allow undocumented aliens access to our commercial transportation in the form of airlines is a giant security risk.”

Infowars did not receive comment from the Transportation Security Administration at time of publication, but will update this story with their response accordingly. We will continue to provide information from authentic whistleblowers as they reach out to us.

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