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Illegal Immigration Protesters to Challenge Feds: ‘If They Want to Send in SWAT Teams… Let Them Do It’

July 14, 2014
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The federal government is planning to relocate 40 unaccompanied alien children into an already-packed facility in the Sycamore Canyon Academy that houses wards of the state, according to Robert Skiba of Oracle, Arizona.

Emboldened by citizens in Murrieta, California who successfully rebuffed the government’s efforts to dump illegal aliens into their town, Skiba’s town has organized a protest for Tuesday morning.

“We’re going to mobilize and we’re going to do the best we can to stop this from happening,” Skiba said. “We’re prepared for whatever happens. If they want to send in the SWAT team, armored cars, helicopters, let them do it. We’ll have the media out there.”

“The boy’s ranch is almost at capacity now and can’t handle 40 additional kids,” the 85-year-old Air Force vet told Breitbart News. “This is an area that’s very primitive. The current facility is almost at capacity. How are they going to handle the sewage?

“They’re sneaking these people in the back door, and we’re not supposed to know anything about it… Putting these 40 kids up in this beautiful place — this is like putting these kids in the country club,” he added.

Skiba and a TV reporter from News 4 KOVA in Tuscon, Arizona visited the ranch on Friday after he got word of the government’s plans but were barred from entry.

“They locked the gate in front of us,” Skiba told Breitbart News. “It’s the secrecy of the thing that really bothers me. This is America. I can’t believe this is going on.”

“We’ve got to wake people in America up,” he continued. “This is our country. We’re just average people. [But] we’re not going to let them shove this down our throats… I’m used to controversy of all kinds, and people need leadership, and I’m going to provide them with leadership.”

Skiba contacted state and local officials and Gov. Jan Brewer’s office, urging them to stem the flood of illegal immigrants pouring into border states.

The Sycamore Academy is undergoing massive renovations to handle the new influx of minors and plans to hire 30 new staff members to handle the workload, according to News 4 KOVA.

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  1. July 15, 2014 1:14 am

    We are about to hit a very serious issue. In this Country, how could the government dare
    to confront legal citizens while allowing aliens to wave their flag and threaten citizens.
    Protect an alien attacking a citizen while sporting a foreign flag? Lets put this in proper constitutional perspective.? And it has happen more than once i personally remember the one in Los Angeles years ago. . Non citizens were not even allowed to join citizens protest, during he Vietnam marches. Foreigners are expected to obey local laws.
    As I have said so many time, the problem with this nation ow is a lack of proper enforcement of the laws. To big to fail? So why do they keep letting those xxx getting bigger and bigger. It is illegal and the laws are on the book….Time to look or a President that will run on “cleaning up the dirt that has pied up and this nation has forgotten what Honor and Decency is.

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