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Obama’s border-camp horror gets worse

July 8, 2014
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Last week, we heard about an epidemic of lice and scabies running through the population of young illegal aliens surging across the border and piling up in refugee camps for temporary storage, before they can be dispersed across the United States.  Now we’re up to tuberculosis, according to anonymous insider sources for a Fox News report by Todd Starnes:

Several of my sources tell me that tuberculosis has become a dangerous issue at both the border and the camps.

“The amount of tuberculosis is astonishing,” one health care provider told me. “The nurses are telling us the kids are really sick. The tuberculosis is definitely there.”

Texas Department of State Health Services Commissioner David Lakey, M.D. says state health officials have seen only three cases of tuberculosis, the Associated Press reports. One of my sources with close ties to the Texas HHS tells me all three cases were reported in Austin.

However, nurses at Lackland in San Antonio, said they know of at least four teenagers in their camp who have tuberculosis.

“The nurses are telling us the kids are really sick,” the source told me. “The tuberculosis is definitely there.”

My source said there are children showing classic tuberculosis symptoms — spitting up blood, a constant cough and chest pain.

Not everyone willing to discuss the health problem posed by this human tsunami needs to remain anonymous:

Dr. Marc Siegel, a professor of medicine at New York University’s Langone Medical Center and a Fox News A Team medical contributor, said tuberculosis appears to be spreading through several counties in southern Texas. He told me that some counties are reporting twice the usual average number of cases.

“Some of the tuberculosis that comes from Central America is drug resistant,” he told me. “It’s not easier to spread but it is harder to treat. I’m concerned about that.”

And while, TB is not that easy to spread, he warned that all those children living in close quarters could be a ticking time bomb.

“It is a disease that needs to be carefully monitored and screened for — something that is not possible under the current circumstances,” Siegel said.

Maybe next we’ll be told the records for all the TB cases our government doesn’t want to admit to were destroyed in a freak hard-drive crash, like the ones that have been plaguing the IRS and EPA lately.  For the moment, we’re getting a mixture of adamant denials and curiously vague non-denials from the same people who denied the scabies and lice problems – denials flatly denounced as lies by medical staff who talked to Starnes.  They said they’ve seen some chicken pox and measles, too.

That’s on top of the considerable danger facing children who get sent on thousand-mile safaris to the United States without adult accompaniment, rattling through a mysterious network of “coyote” smugglers (mysterious because it’s hard to see how they’re making a profit from their impoverished “clients”) and facing a trek across the desert that has proven fatal for plenty of adults, never mind unaccompanied minors.

So as the Democrats ramp up their smear machine to dismiss anyone critical of Obama’s citizenship-shredding executive orders as a heartless monster, may I ask: If you lot are so concerned about the fate of these moppets, why don’t you adopt them?  Think what a huge wave of adoptions by compassionate Democrats would do for these kids.  They wouldn’t become merchandise in the hands of criminal gangs, and they wouldn’t have to march across miles of dangerous terrain.  It’s utterly bizarre to hear the amnesty lobby babble about “compassion” when their policies and agenda are inspiring thousands of people to fling their children across the border, landing them in hideous detention centers.

The dirty little secret, as revealed in a report at the Daily Caller, is that most of the incoming unaccompanied minors have family already living in the United States, and they’re already been “successfully delivered by federal agencies to their relatives.”  About half of those children were delivered to their parents, who are presumably illegal residents themselves, or else such extreme measures would not be needed to bring in their children.  About a third of them are going to people who claim to be “close relatives,” which means the remainder have been delivered into the custody of people who are not either parents or close relatives.

It also turns out that the new invasion is far larger than previous media reports indicated, weighing in at 240,000 total “Central American migrants” just since April.  And, contrary to all of the bloviating from Obama and his flacks about repatriation, and his supposedly dire warnings to Central American families that their kids will be “sent back,” lesser officials candidly admit there’s very little chance any of them will be deported, ever.  They are, fairly literally, using the Border Patrol and Immigration services as a relocation network, funded by the U.S. taxpayer.  Keep that in mind when you hear the “comprehensive immigration reform” crowd talk about enhancing border security.

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  1. Pazuzu permalink
    July 8, 2014 2:35 pm

    At one time, immigrants with communicable diseases were denied entry to the United States at Ellis Island. Immigration laws were enforced then. Our current immigration system is not “broken”, it’s just not enforced.

  2. July 8, 2014 11:29 am

    Reblogged this on BLOGGING BAD w/Gunny G ~ "THE CLINGERS".

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