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Washington’s PR Nightmare Continues in Murrieta as Residents Turn Back the DHS Buses Again

July 6, 2014
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After a long and hard fought day in the baking California sun, the Department of Homeland Security and US Border Patrol were forced to bend to the will of the residents of Murrieta, California, as federal bureaucrats made the decision to redirect immigrant bus convoys at 10pm PST – to a facility at the San Ysidro district of the City of San Diego.

The atmosphere of tension between local residents and DHS/US Border patrol at the federal processing compound in Murrieta had become further inflamed yesterday morning when hundreds of college students in conjunction with radical pro-immigration activists from La Raza, the Communist Revolution Party as well as other Occupy-linked groups, were bused in from Los Angeles, purposefully positioning themselves opposite peaceful local Murrieta residents at the front gates of the facility. The highly confrontational leftist activists had been seen desecrating a number of small flags that local residents had pinned to the DHS facility fence, while also burning American flags on the very holiday that commemorates the country’s independence from Great Britain’s rule. The timing of this dramatic effect was not lost on those who are truly aware of the many challenges facing America today, as lefty-agitators mutilated a symbol that represents the freedom in which the United States was founded on 238 years ago.

The move to insert outside provocateurs into the mix backfired however, after radical leftists attacked a 70 year old local female Patriot protester. 

When a local Murrieta police officer intervened in the altercation, left-wing youths then set upon and attacked the officer which ended in ten young radicals being subsued in handcuffs and arrested. GMN reporters rolled up to the scene as the arrests were being made. Watch the arrests here:

After local police subdued the left-wing activists and removed them from the scene, the protest area at Fig Street remained peaceful and orderly throughout the remaining afternoon and evening.

70 year old resident Kathleen Rodriqeuez was unharmed by the incident. She explains, “They didn’t like my hat (American flag). The young people came and they were trying to provoke a reaction from me because they thought I was an easy target.”

70 year old Kathleen Rodriqeuez escorted by patriot protesters and police (Photo: Kenny Rhoades – GMN)

70 year old Kathleen Rodriqeuez escorted by patriot protesters and police (Photo: Kenny Rhoades – GMN)

By night fall the protest had split into two main camps and the local residents remained vigilant throughout the evening until the news the DHS could not drop 3 buses full of immigrant there reached the camp. Residents cheered at the victory, but are still prepared to battle on and protest the federal government’s forced immigration crisis until a resolution is resolved in Murrieta.

GMN radio host Pete Santilli gave this interview to NBC, and here is the unedited, non-soundbite version:

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  1. LC in Texas permalink
    July 6, 2014 5:24 pm

    This is completely wrong! It is my understanding that these are mostly teenage males. The foreign countries they are coming from have diseases that America has eradicated and now these diseases will flourish and kill many American children & seniors. Why do they not support their own country, instead of running away? Have they been purposely infected and sent to America? What skills do they have? Where will they work? Who will support them? Will they go back to their country after we raise & school them to train and kill Americans?

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