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Confirmed: Texas Spending Millions to Send Texas Rangers, State Troopers to Secure Open Border

July 4, 2014
Kit Daniels
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Illegals are reducing law enforcement presence in other parts of the state

The Texas Department of Public Safety has admitted it is spending millions to transfer Texas Rangers and state troopers to the border for “saturation patrols,” confirming what Infowars encountered on the state’s southern border.

The reinforcements on the border, which is costing taxpayers $1.3 million a week, is reducing law enforcement presence in other parts of the state, as reported yesterday on the front page of the Austin-American Statesman.

“There is no question we are doing less in other areas of the state because of it; No question,” said DPS Director Steve McCraw to the Texas House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee.

The DPS is stretched so thin that the state is also paying for local police on the border to coordinate heavy patrols and set up surveillance towers.

Last week, we encountered a state trooper every few hundred yards for several miles east of Pharr, Texas on Highway 281 which hugs the Mexican border.

Yet the state and local police patrolling the region heavily outnumber the Border Patrol agents Infowars observed in and around a 50 mile stretch of highway between Pharr and the border city of Brownsville, Texas, even though kidnappings and other violent crimes in the area have increased exponentially due to illegal immigration.

Infowars finally found an abundance of Border Patrol vehicles, but they were sitting in the parking lot of a government facility.

“We are simply being ordered to stand down and stop tracking and trying to apprehend the criminals,” Shawn Moran, Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council, told Breitbart back in October.

He added that Border Patrol agents “in every single sector from San Diego to the Rio Grande Valley in Texas” were receiving these orders.

In response, the State of Texas has not only stepped up its own patrols, but the state has also given financial aid to local law enforcement who are going bankrupt while dealing with the constant influx of illegals, something the federal government has largely failed to do.

“We have gotten nothing from the federal government,” Brooks Co., Texas, County Judge Raul M. Ramirez told Infowars. “[Texas] Governor Perry’s office last year stepped up to the plate and helped us with $150,000 to the sheriff.”

“… They are going to help us with another $150,000 [to] defray a lot of the costs the Sheriff’s Department has.”

But if the invasion of illegals continues to increase as projected, the finances of state and local governments may collapse along with America’s border.

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