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Advocates Say City Hunger Problem Is Reaching Crisis Levels

July 2, 2014
CBS New York
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24/7 Food Pantry Opens In New York City

New York City’s hunger problem is now a crisis, according to those who work with people who need help.

One in six New Yorkers is now living in a home where there is not enough money to put food on the table, according to the New York City Coalition Against Hunger.

“It’s been steadily increasing,”  Juan De La Cruz, the food program director for the coalition, told the Times. “There will be nights when we run short of food.”

The New York Times reported, that the group saw the demand at food pantries increase 10 percent in 2013. Executive Director Joel Berg said that people were already struggling in the tough economy when their food stamps were reduced last fall.

The Coalition For The Homeless provides meals for 1,200 people every night. Summer is its busiest time.

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  1. July 3, 2014 1:15 am

    And the Media is accusing and insulting the Patriot for protest the illegal charity cases pouring in. MSNBC tonight was a disgrace claiming the Patriot shamed the USA by their disgraceful protest against Children. The diatribe really needs an answer. Is the Media
    complicit or so ignorant of fact it should not be in charge f the program. They had the President of La Raza as guest and sparing no horrendous comparison to this behavior. But no one told her “it look like your group’s old plan to bury us under your children” has started. The Patriot waived the US flag to remind the uninvited guest they had reached the USA and the law requires documents.
    NOW, one very pertinent comment i hope the Patriot will get a chance to say since our Leaders are afraid to offend?? ADDRESS the leaders of those countries and ask them what are they planning to do about all the Rape, money extortion death and horrendous fear that is claimed causes this refugee exodus.
    And address the Husband they “want to join here” telling them to go home, protect their family and fight as this nation did not run to greener pastures. “MSNBC, take a look at the protester most are at the age where they most likely are war veterans so “SHUT UP”

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