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We Can’t Take Care of Vets, but Central America Gets $250 Million?

June 30, 2014
Suzanne Olden
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Obama announced that he is giving Central American countries $250 million to come and get their illegal children. Whether residents of these countries mistakenly believed their children could stay, as the Administration claims, or not, we are paying not only to house, feed and clothe them, but also to send them back. We can’t take care of our veterans, but somehow we can come up with the funds to do this. Outraged yet?

In June of 2012 the Obama Administration handed down the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy initiative. It went into effect in August 2012, and supposedly only covers minors who came here before June 15, 2012. Illegals can request deferred action in being deported if they: came to the United States before their 16th birthday; were under age 31 and had no valid immigration status on June 15, 2012; have continuously resided in the United States between June 15, 2007 and the present; are currently in school, graduated from high school, obtained a GED, or were honorably discharged from the Armed Forces; or have not been convicted of a felony, a “significant” misdemeanor, or three or more other misdemeanors, and do not otherwise pose a threat to national security or public safety.

Some reports have said that border patrol have been told that all minors are to be kept here and not sent back. Then there’s that last part – having convicted of a felony, etc. Let’s just state the obvious, crossing our borders illegally makes them ALL criminals. If a US citizen illegally crossed into Mexico or Canada, they’d be arrested and deported. Age makes no difference. They don’t tolerate it and they don’t give illegal aliens in their countries driver’s licenses, welfare, free education and the like. I’m really not sure why we do.

The initiative has caused a surge in the number of minors sent to the US unaccompanied. In 2008 there was less than 10,000 unaccompanied minors entering the US. In 2013 there were almost 50,000. The number in 2014 they expect 80,000. Mr. “let me be clear” was rather unclear and now it is costing the taxpayers. Supposedly the money will be used to return these minors to their home countries and give their governments money to “foster youth centered programs.” Because as soon as the money is in their hands of course they’ll use it they way WE want them to. The $250+ million is on top of the $130 million in aid the U.S. already provides those countries in economic assistance. It’s also on top of the funds that they White House promised to DHS and the DOJ to process the deportations more quickly.

The White House blathered on about helping those countries with the “root causes” of the illegal influx and how the U.S. can help these countries ‘try to make life better for these families and children in all of the countries of Central America. I’ve got a better idea. How about we worry about our own unemployed, homeless and hungry children? How about we take those funds and care for our veterans? How about we put our own citizens first?
Between the Administration demanding amnesty for the rest of the criminals who came here illegally, and this, I’m disgusted completely with the whole mess. Amnesty didn’t work in 1986 and only made the problem worse. Those who actually follow the rules and come here with a visa and apply for citizenship within the law are given terrible treatment. Those who break the law and sneak over our borders aren’t given any scrutiny and amnesty. Disgusting.

Obama and Biden also talked with Central American leaders about how the US can work with them together to shut down the criminal networks shuttling children from country to country. Great, now how about we also enforce policy and put harsher ones in place that send law breakers back. Then the children should go back with a bill in hand for what it cost us to house, feed and clothe them after their negligent parents sent them, some as young as 4, alone to fend for themselves and get into the US. Until it isn’t easier and more attractive to come here than it is to stay put, the flood of illegals will never end.

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  1. July 1, 2014 2:36 am

    Fully agree: A member of Telemundo was on MSNBC tonight pushing for humanitarian action and telling us that a majority of these kids are raped along the way, that a 17 year old said she left Honduras becasue her brother was killed for refusing to join a gang, the in Mexico she was raped by four people who threatened her life. I was so angered as i sent an E-mail to the President asking :”what kind of people are these we are importing here” It was not humanitarian compassion it awoke on rational people but a deep anger that such a disgusting social system exist. Where is the Sword of God to smite such evil? What is heir government doing? Will it take a Venezuela or Cuban revolution to eradicate the filth
    that exist there? I urged the president to use his speaking ability to strongly address this issue informing all that such evil need a good whip, not exporting people raised in such values. And, by the way, that apply to the USA as well. Stop covering for rotten people,
    expose them, drug pusher and crooks in business clothes. This is not religious jargon, all in our group are angry and want strong action NOW

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