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One Year Later, Lamar Alexander Continues War on America’s Workers

June 28, 2014
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One year ago today, Tennessee’s senior Senator Lamar Alexander declared war on our working families by voting for amnesty.

One year ago today, Lamar Alexander showed us his true colors by siding with Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and La Raza to import more than 30 million new immigrants to compete against American workers who are already struggling to find and keep full-time work.

Sen. Jeff Sessions cautioned:

…over the next decade, the Senate plan provides roughly 30 million mostly lower-skill immigrants with permanent residency through green cards. Less than 10 percent of these green cards are allocated through the Gang’s alleged merit system. Moreover, green-card holders will be able to petition in future years to bring in their relatives, including elderly parents, commencing a permanent expansion of chain migration unrelated to skill set. On top of the 30 million green cards, the Gang of Eight’s proposal also doubles the number of non-immigrant guest workers admitted each year from approximately 600,000 today to an average of 1.2 million annually over the next decade. In the first year of the bill, due to the inclusion of family members, the number will spike to 1.6 million, with only 7 percent doing agricultural work. The other 93 percent will be hired to fill jobs in virtually every sector, including construction work, nursing, teaching at public schools, driving trucks, heavy equipment operators, mining and manufacturing.

Consider the state of our economy.

By the end of 2013, more than four million Americans have been jobless for 27 weeks or more. The average time an American is out of work was up to 37.2 weeks. Any “growth” the economy experienced stemmed from temporary buildup in business stockpiles. By February of 2014, factory production in our country had declined to the most since May of 2009.

The impact isn’t limited to just adults over 35. A poll earlier this month by CNN revealed that 63% of 18 to 34-year olds believe the American Dream is out-of-reach. About one-out-of-four Americans believe we will experience another financial crisis in the next few years.

Just this week, we learned that our economy had its worst performance since the recession of 2009 – contracting by 2.9%. As the Washington Post so artfully put it, “it just keeps getting worse…”

Lamar Alexander was told that his amnesty bill would result in higher unemployment and reduced wages for America’s workers, but he still chose amnesty over them.

The results speak for themselves.

Working families and the jobs they need are under attack, and the one leading the charge is their own Senator.

One year later, Lamar Alexander refuses to sign a ‘No Amnesty’ pledge hoping to partner with Obama-Reid-La Raza to finish what he started — betraying the very people who elected him for office.

Does anyone really believe that if given the opportunity to serve another six years that Lamar Alexander won’t continue to pursue this dangerous agenda to award illegal behavior with the promise of giving away your jobs?

Make no mistake about it – Lamar Alexander has made it very clear which side he stands on, and it’s not on the side of the American worker.

We have an opportunity to fight back and stand-up against the Washington establishment’s scheme to steal our jobs and our wages. It starts at the ballot box.

Tennessee can be the voice of America’s working class, and on August 7th, we can take a stand on behalf of working families and send the loud and clear message that we do not want our jobs replaced by Lamar Alexander’s amnesty.

Joe Carr serves in the Tennessee General Assembly and is a candidate for United States Senate – you can learn more about Joe by visiting

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