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Liberals Push for Illegals to Vote in NY

June 19, 2014
Common Constitutionalist
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Illegals-VoteRemember when you were a kid? Maybe your family and friends got together to play a board game (what’s that?). You set up the board on a table, set out the pieces, and were ready to start.

Invariably the question of the dice would come up. What if, during your roll, one of the dice fell off the table? If it landed on the floor and a desirable number came up, you thought the roll should count, but if it was a crappy number, you would claim it didn’t count and declare a rollover.

Well, that the Obama administration’s immigration policy. Actually, that pretty much sums up his entire presidency.

We see examples of this everywhere. What happens when a Governor decides the feds are doing squat about the illegal infestation in his or her state? Of course, they try, with the help of their own state legislators, to devise a remedy.

And what do the feds do? They step in and declare that immigration is the purview of the federal government or a federal judge deems the measure “magically” unconstitutional.

On the flip side, both the Washington Times and New York Post reported two days ago that the state of New York will vote on its own state immigration law.

The bill will grant illegals New York State citizenship, allowing them to obtain a driver’s license, seek public office, procure business permits and licenses, receive in-state tuition, financial aid and a cadre of other benefits. The kicker is, the bill will also allow them to vote in local and state elections.

Not even California has attempted anything this radical. It’s as if New York has traveled back in time to become an autonomous colony again.

You might ask. Where are the feds? How can New York get away with this?

Well, the Obamites have evidently dropped a die on the carpet below the immigration gaming table and rolled a six, so it must count, thus allowing New York to “play on.”

Let me go out a limb and just say, we won’t be hearing from the administration on this one.

The good news is that according to the Post, the bill has little chance of passage … this time around.

But as the originator of the bill, State Senator Gustavo Rivera says, “Obviously, this is not something that’s going to pass immediately, but nothing as broad as this, or as bold as this, passes immediately.”

Let me translate. “We are going to keep bringing this up and beating you over the head with it until you surrender and accept it.”

This is how it works, and it’s been going on for decades. We’ve gone from a generation that wouldn’t tolerate illegals in the 1950s, to one of tolerance, to now finally embracing and literally fawning over millions of criminals. Our politicians trip over one another trying to be the first to publicly offer them giveaways and bestow rights upon them – all to prostitute themselves for maybe one more lousy vote so they can retain their power and status.

It’s pathetic and frankly evil to use another human being for such a purpose. Do we really think that these politicians on either side give a rats butt about these poor pitiful vagabonds? Heck no they don’t!

If these people could never vote, they’d be on the next bus out of here. Of course, it would be done under the cover of darkness, so there would be no witnesses. They wouldn’t want any bad press, after all.

Tomorrow – more fun with immigration and why I like Ike.

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