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Police Caught on Video Tasering Man Sat on Ground Reading a Book

June 4, 2014
Kerry Anne
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Cops-TaserA passerby managed to film the moment when a police officer in Salem, Oregon tasered an unarmed man who had been sitting on the floor reading a book.

Around 4pm on April 18th, at the Salem Transit Center a bicycle officer is caught on video confronting a man who is sitting on the ground, reading a book.  A skateboard can be seen nearby.  The officer grabs the skateboard, throws it, and aims his taser at the civilian.  It is not clear from the video what requirement, if any, there was for this course of action.  The officer appears upset.  The officer tells the civilian to put his hands behind his back, at which point the civilian refuses and appears to text or make a call on his cell phone.  While his back is turned, the officer discharges his taser into the civilian’s back, who promptly falls to the ground.

Salem officials have refused to comment on the sequence of events prior to the footage, but confirm the incident is now under investigation by internal affairs.

You can see the video here.

The case comes amid several high profile cases of tazer use for purposes of compliance rather than threat against law enforcement or the public, and raises further concern of police violence.

Just weeks ago Treon “Tre” Johnson became the third young man in less than a month to be killed by Miami-Dade police with a taser gun.

Last August, Israel Hernandez, whose work had recently been featured in several galleries in the Miami Beach area, died after being chased by police and shot in the chest by a tazer over graffiti.

According to Amnesty International 351 people died after being tazered by police between 2001 and 2008, and Electronic Village reports that 196 have been killed since.

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