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NM lawmaker: Cartel benefits from Obama’s move

May 29, 2014
Chad Groening
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Organ Mountain Designation

A New Mexico congressman says Barack Obama clearly ignored Congress and usurped the democratic process when he unilaterally set aside a half-million acres of land for a national monument.

Last week President Obama announced that 500,000 acres of mountainous and desert terrain would be set aside for the new Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument in southern New Mexico. This was nearly ten times the size of the request by the Republican congressman who represents that area, Steve Pearce, who wrote a bill (HR 995) requesting slightly more than 50,000 acres in Doña Ana County be set aside.

“The president said in his State of the Union [in January] that he’s going to bypass Congress if they didn’t do exactly what they wanted,” notes Pearce, “and this action to declare the monument showed his contempt for the legislative process.”

The president’s announcement designates a full one-fifth of Doña Ana County as the area to be recognized as a national monument. The Republican lawmaker describes the president’s action as “reckless use of his executive powers.”

“This single action has erased six years of work undertaken by Dona Ana ranchers, business owners, conservationists, sportsmen, officials and myself to develop a collaborative plan for the Organ Mountains that would have preserved the natural resource, and still provided future economic opportunities,” Pearce states on his website.

Despite reassurances from the administration, ranchers in the region say they fear the monument will limit their grazing rights. Pearce also tells OneNewsNow that Obama has put border security at risk.

“Part of the designation is right down on the border,” he explains. “We see from the Organ Pipe National Monument over in Arizona exactly how the cartel has used the public land against us.”

According to Pearce, Border Patrol agents aren’t able to go into those monument areas. “And so now he’s opening up a big new swath of areas for the cartel to concentrate on in southern New Mexico,” he concludes. “It’s not going to be good for safety in that region.”

The president’s action has angered people in the area – and those people intend to protest, says the congressman.

Only Congress can designate a national park or wilderness area. However, through the Antiquities Act of 1906 Congress gave the president authority to designate national monuments. Practically every president since has created national monuments. In 2013, President Obama designated nearly 240,000 acres of New Mexico land as the Rio Grande del Norte.

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  1. June 8, 2014 12:19 am

    What I see on this picture is such beautiful land that we should treasure and save as much as possible for future generation to enjoy. I am not an extreme religious nut, but I do not believe the creator of such beauty, as it was before egotistical, greedy people used the land like a tool for human ambitions. Cut the population, we are NOT God favorite creation.
    Surely what we build does not rival what the great Spirit created. What can possibly be built by profit seeking people that rival the beauty made by the creator. Improve, do not destroy.
    As for the Cartel it should have been destroyed long ago, but it make great money for the those dishonorable, immoral being always seeking more gold. And some call themselves Christians?

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