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Rep Peter King Wants Background Checks Because CA Gunman Passed Background Checks

May 27, 2014
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peter-kingOn May 25 Representative Peter King (R-N.Y.) called for more background checks because California gunman Elliot Rodger passed background checks.

King joined Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) last year and “introduced a bill…that would extend background to include most private transactions.” The measure failed, but had it passed it would not have stopped the CA gunman because he bought his guns from a licensed dealer and passed background checks.

According to The Washington Post, King said, “Even though this may not be popular in particular congressional districts, if we want to be a national party, we ought to be looking closely at it.”

He added: “We’ve got to look at how we defined mental illness, who is denied weapons and who is not, and focus the discussion. We have to have this debate.”

Also on May 25, Breitbart News reported that Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown and another law enforcement official said the investigation into Rodger’s guns and background has so far revealed nothing that should have stopped him from being able to buy a gun.

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