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Morning After Abortion Pill Now Available on Amazon

May 24, 2014
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Adan Salazar
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Purveyor of virtually everything now also merchant of death

A controversial morning after pill known as Plan B, once a prescription, behind-the-counter contraceptive, is now being sold freely on the widely popular online marketplace Amazon, bringing the option to abort an unborn embryo right to people’s doorsteps.

Multiple listings have cropped up on the retail giant’s digital shelves, with prices starting at just $16.90 plus shipping, but increasing the drug’s availability not only reinforces the culture teaching women that motherhood is horrible and having babies is disempowering; it also feeds into the cultural worship of death.

Opponents of Plan B contend the drug’s manufacturers have knowingly misled consumers by claiming it does no harm to a “fetus,” attempting to relieve potential parents of the guilt associated with having an abortion.

However, the fact that Plan B “may inhibit implantation [of a fertilized embryo] by altering the endometrium [i.e. the lining of the womb],” basically equates to causing the death of the embryo, former Valparaiso University Law Professor Richard Stith argues.

“In other words, Plan B may cause a newly-conceived embryo to die (and be expelled) because it cannot implant itself in the lining of the womb. For this reason, some South American courts have found the Plan B drug to violate an unborn child’s constitutionally-guaranteed right to life,” Prof. Stith wrote for LifeSiteNews in 2006.

“When the drug maker tells them not to worry because they are not terminating a pregnancy, they may conclude incorrectly that Plan B cannot cause the death of their unborn child. When they find out too late that they were misled and may have taken the lives of their own children, they may be devastated. And the drug maker, the media, and the FDA will be responsible,” Stith wrote.

Besides the drug being misrepresented, the FDA’s announcement last June permitting Plan B to be purchased by “all women of child-bearing potential.. without age or point-of-sale restrictions,” essentially wrestled the ability to consent out of parents’ hands.

To illustrate the absurdity of this, pro-life, non-profit group Students For Life sent a 15-year-old girl into neighborhood pharmacies to purchase Plan B and the over the counter nasal decongestant, Sudafed, which still prompts age verification. Shockingly she’s allowed to purchase birth control at multiple locations without a parent, but is denied the nasal decongestant.

Though the pill could benefit victims of rape within 72 hours, serial rapists will now also have a new way to acquire the drug. Students for Life also highlighted this major gap in logic by sending a man into local pharmacies and hinting he was going to slip it in his “girlfriend’s” drink. On other occasions, the man and the 15-year-old girl go into pharmacies hinting they’re involved in an illegal relationship, but none of the pharmacy techs even bat an eye.

Researchers are warning consumers to be wary of Amazon dealers selling the drug at incredibly low prices, as some of the sellers seem disreputable and could switch out the drugs for placebos or other elements.

“Unfortunately, it appears that some caution is warranted when seeking Plan B from,” pro-abortion researchers at report. “Through our research, we could not ascertain how vendors are able to sell Plan B One-Step at a steep discount, or if this product is indeed what the vendors say it is.”

Others take issue with the fact that the drug is covered by the Affordable Care Act, since as RHRealityCheck notes, “all FDA-approved contraceptive methods must be covered without cost sharing (such as a copay or deductible) when prescribed.”

Furthermore, studies have found that increasing the availability of morning after pills, such as Plan B, “did not show benefit in decreasing pregnancy rates.” In fact, permitting OTC access has the opposite effect, as enhanced “access to EC pills substantially increased the use of the method..”

In a mere matter of years, those hellbent on carrying out mass depopulation and sterilization agendas have made huge strides towards their goals. No doubt a socialist healthcare system which foots the cost of abortion drugs, and the convenience of getting those drugs delivered straight to people’s homes are a eugenicist’s dream come true.

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