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Milwaukee Sheriff to Justice Stevens: ‘Keep Your Hands Off Our Guns, Dammit’

April 28, 2014
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Speaking to the NRA Annual Meeting on April 25, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., responded to  former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens’ push to change the language of the 2nd Amendment by saying he would like to add a phrase of his own–“Keep your hands off our guns dammit.”

On April 21 Breitbart News reported that Stevens wants to change the 2nd Amendment so that the right to keep and bear arms is only protected “when serving in the militia.”

According to, Clarke’s reaction to Steven’s suggestion was heated. “What? Just what part of ‘Shall not be infringed’ does Justice Stevens not understand?”

Clarke added that he is “tired of seeing the 2nd Amendment being treated like the bastard child of the Bill of Rights.”

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