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Government spends our money to propagandize us

April 16, 2014
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The Washington Free Beacon chronicles one of the many ways in which Big Government forces us to spend our money on propaganda designed to further the interests of the State: a taxpayer-funded play dubbed “Global Warming: The Musical,” for which the National Science Foundation wasted almost $700,000 of our money.

The story revolves around Karl (Marx?), who has been kicked off Nature Channel’s Shark Week because he hijacked the program, using it to make a point about climate change. People shouldn’t be terrified of sharks, he explains, they should be terrified that sharks aren’t killing more people. Something about their population dying due to, what else, global warming.

After the Shark Week “debacle,” Karl is having an identity crisis in Barro Colorado Island, in the middle of the Panama Canal. He still has his camera gear, so he decides to start interviewing the local environmentalists.

There’s Allie, a plant ecologist on the island, and Rob, who is first and foremost described as “Allie’s husband.” Somewhat of a dunce, Rob is also a plant ecologist. They study baby leaves.

Karl says the interviews are for a “f**k that experiment,” meaning he can “do whatever” he wants.

He then meets Julie, a rather foul-mouthed 15 year-old girl who is willing to “set herself on fire” to send a message about climate change.

A blonde, fair-skinned millennial, Julie has plenty of lines about Twitter and her quest to become famous. She sings the first number, in a rather annoying high-pitched voice, about floods and polar bears. They’re “getting hungry because the ice is melting,” the song goes.

Scenes of Detroit show the city all gone, Julie starts fading out, repeating “this is a picture …” until there are no more pictures. The message: Nothing will be spared from global warming’s wrath.

(Edited for profanity, just in case any baby polar bears happen to be reading this.)

What a load of ridiculous, absolutely dishonest garbage.  It’s funny how the “science is settled” fanatics of the “climate change” movement have to keep resorting to alarmist distortions to push their agenda, since the actual data is running 100 percent against their foregone conclusions and corrupt computer models.  They’ve grown very comfortable with the by-any-means-necessary logic that lies and distortions are perfectly acceptable in the service of Greater Truth and Saving the Earth.  The idea that a single taxpayer dime is poured into their fantasies – which very much serve the interests of Big Government, the richest, greediest, most powerful, most dishonest “special interest” of them all – is incredibly offensive.

And it’s just one of the many ways our money is taken and used to remodel the electorate into something confused, frightened, dependent, and obedient enough for the tastes of a Ruling Class that still has plenty of unfulfilled ambitions.

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