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Consumer alert: GMO labeling to be outlawed by ‘Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act’ introduced today in Congress

April 11, 2014
Mike Adams
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Gmo-CornA proposed new federal law just introduced by Rep. G.K. Butterfield (a Democrat) and Rep. Mike Pompeo (a Republican) would outlaw state-enacted GMO labeling laws. The new law, ridiculously called the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act, is actually an last-ditch, desperate effort by the biotech industry and the GMA to forever bury the truth about GMOs so that consumers don’t know they’re eating poison.

According to mainstream media reports (1), the bill would require the FDA to mandate GMO labeling only if those foods “are found to be unsafe or materially different from foods produced without biotech ingredients.”

Because the FDA and USDA have already decided, against all scientific evidence, that GMOs are “safe” and “not materially different” from other foods, this requirement is nothing but sheer sleight of hand and a pandering to idiocy. In truth, this new bill, if passed into law, would allow food companies to permanently and insidiously hide GMOs in all their products forever, nullifying the numerous state-based GMO labeling laws which are on the verge of passing.

The Environmental Working Group calls this proposed new law the “DARK Act” (Denying Americans the Right to Know), saying:

After two states have passed GE labeling bills and more than 30 others are poised to consider similar labeling bills and ballot initiatives, the food and biotech industry have goat-roped some members of Congress into introducing legislation to block state GE labeling laws.

Push for GMOs run by criminally-minded organizations

GMOs have already been restricted or banned in over 60 countries (2), and Americans are very close to achieving victory in state-based GMO labeling campaigns. The very idea that American consumers might find out they’ve been eating GMO poisons in most of their favorite foods is so horrifying to the biotech industry (and the processed food front groups) that its enforcers are now seeking this “nuclear option” to legally deceive consumers about GMOs with the complicity of the FDA.

The Grocery Manufacturers of America, the same criminally-run group that broke election laws in Washington State to funnel industry money into a campaign to defeat GMO labeling laws, predictably endorses this proposed new law. In fact, so does the American Soybean Association which would obviously love to see the U.S. government codify the industry-wide conspiracy to keep consumers in the dark about what they’re eating.

Have no doubts that the criminally-run biotech industry, which already controls a well-funded group of intimidation operators, will pull out all the stops to threaten, intimidate and even blackmail U.S. lawmakers into voting for this bill. Biotech people play dirty, and they threaten everyone who dares question the safety of GMOs — scientists, activists and journalists alike. Click here to see the massive backlash against biotech’s engineered intimidation of Seralini.

Expect a massive grassroots backlash against the proposed law

Remember when Obama promised in 2008 that he would push for GMO labeling of foods? That fake promise has long since faded, of course, and now most of the people who voted for Obama are both extremely angry at the betrayal and extremely motivated to push for real change in Washington.

State-based efforts to label GMOs have been well-supported by activists but have been out-spent by the wealthy biotech industry and its ability to buy off scientist-whores who mislead the public with the most bizarre quack science imaginable (such as claiming “genetically engineering” plants are the same as “selectively breeding” plants).

The health-conscious public is wholly fed up with the deceptions, the betrayals and the intimidation tactics being deployed against scientists, speakers and authors who rightly question the safety of genetically engineered crops. Beyond the personal health effects, there’s also the larger question of genetic pollution and the risk of systemic ecocide (ecological mass death).

GMOs are unfit for human consumption

There are no long-term studies showing GMOs to be safe for human consumption. There are no long-term studies showing GMOs are even safe to grow in the open air! Yet we are routinely told by GMO pushers and their media flacks that GMOs are safe because “they are no different” from other foods.

But then, somehow, Monsanto, DuPont and other companies have been awarded patents on many of these seeds. How can something be patented if it’s “no different” than the other seeds? It can’t, of course. If the seeds are patented, then they are obviously different.

Only in America, under the insanity of federal food laws, can something simultaneously be “unique” and “no different” at the same time.

The law should actually be called the “Dangerous and Deceptive Food Labeling Act”

Be prepared to fight hard against the “Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act” which is specifically designed to support “Dangerous and Deceptive Food Labeling” from the outset. Most federal laws are, of course, named exactly the opposite of what they seek to achieve.

GMOs aren’t safe, and if they aren’t disclosed on food labels, then those labels aren’t accurate, period. No amount of denial, intimidation and doublespeak can counter these simple, straightforward facts.

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