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David Cameron Orders Urgent Probe into Muslim Brotherhood; Fears Planned Attack

April 2, 2014
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muslim_brotherhood_demonstratorsDavid Cameron has ordered an urgent review of the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood, because of fears the group might be planning an attack on the UK. The assessment will involve The Secret Intelligence Service (nicknamed MI6), who deal with external threats and Britain’s internal intelligence service: MI5.

The review will look at the “philosophy and activities” of the Muslim Brotherhood, to establish how many leaders of the group have been allowed in the country. It will also investigate whether the Brotherhood held a top level meeting in London last year.

Fears of an attack have come about because members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been displaced by the military coup in Egypt, many of the leaders are feared to have fled to London.

The Muslim Brotherhood has insisted that it will co-operate with any investigation. A spokesman said: “It is a religious obligation for any Muslim Brotherhood member who lives whether in his homeland or any state to respect its system and laws”.

London is now the hub for the Muslim Brotherhood’s global media operation. A “cramped flat” above a kebab shop in Cricklewood, North West London, is said to serve as the organisation’s global public relations hub.

Kwasi Kwarteng MP, told the Daily Mail: “I saw how they won elections in Egypt and essentially they ran Egypt very much in a partisan manner. They are quite loose, so they will say different things at different people at different times to seem moderate. They are great masters of disguise.

“I think people in the West can get very deluded about the nature of the Brotherhood. Certainly three years ago we thought they were going to be just another political party.”

News of the review will do nothing to improve London’s reputation as a haven for Islamic fundamentalists. For some years now it has been disparagingly referred to as “Londonistan” because of the number of foreign extremists hiding out in the nation’s capital.

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