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Gov. O’Malley Says Sebelius Doing ‘Good Job’. Wait, WHAT?!

March 15, 2014
Jerome Hudson
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OMalley-thumbs-upWhen describing Kathleen Sebelius’s performance executing Obamacare, the phrase “good job” shouldn’t come to mind.

In fact, why does the Health and Human Services Secretary still have a job?

There are the delays, so numerous at this point, it’s hard to keep track of what is and is not being enforced. There are the security concerns of, the millions wasted on the flawed website, the large swath of Americans losing their health insurance, the inability to enroll enough young people to stabilize costs, the failure to register people who actually have never had insurance, and the likelihood that the administration will miss their enrollment goal by a very large number.

But to Governor Martin O’Malley (D-MD), Sebelius not only shouldn’t be fired, she’s doing a “good job.”

That’s what he told our camera.

Can we even fathom what a “bad job” would look like?

To be fair, O’Malley’s not in the best place to criticize Sebelius. His own state-run exchange has been a complete disaster. Maryland officials have estimated at least $30.5 million in unnecessary Medicaid spending and have admitted that they have no idea how much it will take to get the system working. And now the HHS Office of the Inspector General has announced it is launching a full investigation into Maryland’s troubled health insurance exchange.

O’Malley may also run for president in 2016.  So despite the terrible realities of Obamacare, criticizing Sebelius could hurt his chances in a Democrat primary as well as get him ostracized by the White House.

But “good job”?  What?!

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