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Disney Decides to Discriminate Against Boy Scouts

March 4, 2014
Paul Breen
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boy_scoutsIt seems that only some people can discriminate. The multi-billion-dollar “Walt Disney Company has notified the Boy Scouts of America that it will withdraw all funding from the organization beginning 2015 unless the BSA overturns its policy of not allowing openly gay members to be leaders.”

Some will say that this is different from not providing service to people or groups that promote behaviors and viewpoints that are offensive since Disney’s giving is voluntary. But isn’t purchasing photography, cakes, and printing also voluntary? No one is forcing people to choose one company over others.

If Disney is free to do what it wants with its money based on its beliefs, then why should other business owners be forced to support beliefs they disagree with?

I have no problem with The Walt Disney Company cutting off funding to the Boy Scouts, just like I have no problem if a print shop owned by a homosexual refuses to service a group that wants shirts printed that say “I Oppose Same-Sex Marriage.”

It should be the right of everybody to make these types of decisions.

Are we to believe that Disney Land and Walt Disney World will turn away Boy Scouts who decide to attend the entertainment hot spots or force them to remove their uniforms? I don’t think so. But could they if they so desired? Sure. It’s their businesses.

It probably wouldn’t be smart since there are millions of Boy Scouts with parents and brothers and sisters who might decide not to go to the Disney theme parks.

Anti-discrimination is a one-way street these days. Consider this editorial cartoon A.F. Branco. It couldn’t sum up the issue any better. It’s a masterpiece of simplicity:


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