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Georgia bill expands gun-carry and private property rights

February 24, 2014
Michael A. DeVine
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GeorgiaGeorgia property owners and leaseholders should support House bill 875 which restores the rights of bars, churches and other property properties to allow patrons to carry firearms on to their property while also allowing them the right to exclude them.

Under House Bill 875, gun permit holders would be allowed to carry in bars and churches. They’d be protected from arrest if they accidentally bring a gun to the airport. And they’d face a simple $100 fine, rather than arrest, if caught carrying on a college campus. In addition, local school districts would be empowered to decide whether to arm teachers and administrators in K-12 schools.

The bill was passed 119-56. Prior to the floor debate, House Republican leaders prohibited members from proposing amendments to the bill and set a time limit for debate of two hours – an hour each for supporters and opponents.

Recent U.S.Supreme Court precedent has, rightly, firmly established an absolute right to bear arms for self-defense in one’s home and a right-to-carry on public property subject only to, as-yet-undefined, “reasonable” restrictions. HB 875 removes unreasonable and probably unconstitutional restrictions.

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