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Over 100 GOP Reps File Resolution to Restrict Obama’s Executive Overreach

February 18, 2014
William Bigelow
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obama-phone-pointing-WHAngered by Barack Obama’s usurpation of power in his statements that he would act unilaterally without Congress, 106 GOP House members have sponsored House Resolution 442, titled the “Stop This Overreaching Presidency (STOP)” measure.

H.R. 442, the STOP measure, was introduced by Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC), and has also been signed by Reps. Jack Kingston (R-GA), James Lankford (R-OK), Steve Stockman (R-TX), Paul Broun (R-GA), Steve Daines (R-MT), and Phil Gingrey (R-GA).

The measure is intended to bring legal action against four of Obama’s executive decisions: his one-year extension of the “substandard” insurance policies, his one-year delay in Obamacare’s employer mandate, his granting deferred removal action to illegal immigrants, and his waiver of the welfare work requirement under TANF.

For a full list of those members sponsoring the bill and information on how you can help, see here.

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