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Stand Off (a poem to resist the Police State!)

February 8, 2014
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copsYear by year we’ve watched them fall;
in town square we’ve seen them brawl.

Markets buckle as bankers suckle,
broken bubbles turn streets to rubble…

Rocks to toss across the block,
as thumping shields approach the flock.

Now comes the part we know so well;
adrenaline begins to swell.

A show of force to make them bow…
Wait! What if – imagine now –

As shaken people hold their ground,
impatiently they mill around,

within the ranks of crony’s thugs
one officer sighs and shrugs.

Removes his gear and throws it down,
drops his gun on the ground.

Steps over the line that lies have drawn,
refusing to be made a pawn.

Another from the people’s side
decides it’s time to turn the tide.

Takes off the mask he chose to wear,
drops it as he takes the dare.

Instead of gore spilled on the land,
each grabs his brother and shakes his hand.

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