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White House Petitioned to Have Muslim Holidays Recognized in School Year

January 23, 2014
Tim Brown
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islam-schoolsOK, for all those people out there who think there can be religious neutrality, I’m just making it clear, there cannot be such a thing (It’s called the myth of neutrality). Everyone falls under some religious ideology, whether it be Christianity, Islam, secular humanism or even atheism (and yes it is a religious ideology). With that said, there is a petition posted at the site calling for recognizing Muslim holidays during the school year by the government education system.

According to the petition:

With the growing population of Muslims in the United States of America (including first, second, third, and fourth generation) we believe it is high time that Muslim holidays are recognized by schools throughout this nation. Unfortunately many Muslim families are forced to choose between their children’s education and their religious obligations. Muslim school children and staff deserve the same benefits afforded to the followers of other faiths. We call on President Obama to support this petition and advance the inclusiveness of our great nation.

I have given warning about what Islamists do as they grow in number before. I have also reported that, unlike many so-called Christians in America, these people will force their ideology on the culture, not integrate into it. Their goal is one of world dominance.

We saw this last year how the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a Muslim Brotherhood front group, pushed for, and got, a change in public school policy to get special treatment for Muslim students. As a result Dearborn government schools implemented a policy which fully accommodates student-led prayer in all the schools, as well as unexcused absences for students who leave early on Fridays for Jumu’ah prayers.

That wasn’t all. So that Islam wouldn’t have any competition from the Christian community, it openly opposed the advertising of a local private Bible Study class (something that use to actually be a part of American education).

CAIR/Hamas has also been putting pressure on Montgomery County schools in Maryland to observe Islamic holidays.

Additionally, the Muslim community in New York City (remember that city attacked on 9/11 by the faithful of Islam?) are pushing for schools to be closed on Islamic holidays and the new mayor Bill de Blasio will, no doubt, be only too happy to advance their agenda.

Contrary to what Barack Obama and his Homeland Security Advisor Mohamed Elibiary say, America was founded as a Christian nation.

Nothing about Islam has any place here in America. Nothing. It is the death-cult ideology of a totalitarian, demon-possessed, murdering, thieving pedophile. I’m amazed that people would even want to have anything to do with Islam knowing who its founder was and what it teaches. If you don’t have a clue about Islam, I would suggest just starting with this one article so that you get a clear position on just how Islam views those outside of its ideology.

While the petition must garner 100,000 signatures in order to be addressed by the White House, which, by the way is infested with Islamists and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, including the man in the Oval Office, you may be surprised to discover that this petition, though started only a day before, has twice the signatures than does a petition to rescue Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan and has been left to rot there by the current administration.

America, is this what you are going to sit back and take from Islam? Having it rammed down your throats and those of your children? I hope not. With all of the legislation moving against the Federal government by the states, I’m wondering how long it will be until the states start exercising their power and eliminating the practice of Islam as Publius Huldah has outlined we do. With the push to advance the recognition of Islamic holidays in the government run schools, it’s high time God fearing parents removed their children from these indoctrination centers and demand that their tax dollars not support in any way the teachings of Islam.

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