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Congress Keeps Tax Credit for Illegal Immigrants, Cuts Military Pensions

December 18, 2013
AWR Hawkins
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On December 17 Democratic senators successfully blocked a Republican attempt to shift spending cuts away from military pensions into a billion-dollar IRS credit sometimes claimed by illegal immigrants.

This sets the stage for a final vote on the budget bill by late Wednesday.

According to Fox News, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) fought to cut billions from “an IRS credit that illegal immigrants have claimed.” However, Democrats blocked his amendment, thereby preserving the credit for illegals while moving forward instead with cuts to military pensions.

Sessions and his colleagues argued that the budget bill “unfairly sticks veterans and other military retirees with the cost of new spending.” Speaking from the Senate floor, he said this was “not correct, and it should not happen.”

He argued when Democrats blocked his amendment they had essentially chosen to “cut military pensions instead of cutting welfare for illegal immigrants.”

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  1. December 19, 2013 12:28 am

    If we are talking about the same tax credits that CNN report6ed about a year ago, fight like H!!!!. It is the biggest fraud and we should know who in Congress pushed that through. We are talking about 0ver 24 billion ? or million dollars fraud, a rule passed silently either as internal IRS rule or Congress. Somewhere informed all Latino they can deduct all children and relatives and have refund money on their taxes even if they had paid no taxes. Same scam Bush pulled on that special tax deduct for his big friends, they called “we are taking our money back” CNN investigated and filmed an interview, The children are not even here some had dozens relatives listed as dependent. At the Latino place CNN visited when asked the owner there if he did not know if was a fraud he said “we don’t know we felt if US government wants to help us we say thank you” Not a joke, it was legal to them. A very light check was done but no follow up. I think we should go all the way and demand the IRS replace that money so we can pay our soldiers. CNN “Gregory I think” or Cooper” did the story,they look so much alike. Any way the tape is available on request I am sure. They keep reporting but if we do not follow through we will never get any where, TARGET, ZERO IN is my view, do not stop until you find the source of this crocked proposal. Don’t be happy just to hit Obama it does not solve the problem, as I see it the scam still on.

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