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Communist Party Chair: Save Obamacare by Calling Detractors Racist

November 29, 2013
Breitbart News
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CPUSA-PosterThe National Chairman of the Communist Party, USA suggests supporters of The Affordable Care Act should accuse its detractors of being racists as a tactic to regain support for the troubled law. Chairman Sam Webb asserts that the conservative movement ascended over the last 30 years by wielding racism as a weapon against “New Deal” advocates. Conservatives might counter that achievements accrued over that period of time have been the result of advocating for smaller government, reduced taxes, and family values.

Webb acknowledges that the early stages of Obamacare have been calamitous for Obama and the Democratic Party. He further admits Obamacare problems dampened the momentum gained by Democrats with the government shutdown back in September. But Webb feels that Obamacare is a “step in the right direction” and a “social right.”  Moreover, according to Webb, Obamacare is an opportunity to rein in the power of the health care industry.

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