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Obamanation: Children Die, Illegal Killer Pitied

November 26, 2013
Suzanne Eovaldi.
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LeavesA magnificent Fall symbol of innocent childhood playtime became a scene of abject horror and death for little Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, 6, who died amidst the leaves of an Oregon autumn while her step-sister, Abigail Robinson, 11, died later in a Portland, Oregon hospital.  Reading the news story in the Oregon press by reporter Emily E. Smith would make you want to cry for the “victim,”  Dreamer Cynthia Garcia-Cisneros who just happened to mow down two helpless little girls playing in a pile of leaves.

Now this insensitive, obviously very left leaning reporter, chose to ignore the true victims of what happened, giving only one sentence, her lead, plus one small phrase to the dead children.  But Smith goes on and on about now the life of 18 year old Garcia-Cisneros is changed forever, because, somehow, this teen illegal, now “legal” immigrant drove her boyfriend’s mother’s car into the Autumn leaves, leaving death in her wake.  Reporter Smith commiserates for the “undocumented immigrant” by stating: “She cooked for them – her brother and father – and often took care of her 10-year-old nephew, who is disabled.”  Pointing out that the accused now faces two felony hit and run charges does not appear until paragraph five in the Smith piece.  Her passenger, Mario Echeverria, her love interest, faces one count of hindering prosecution because allegedly he took the family SUV to a car wash.  Perhaps the bump the Hispanics heard prompted them to take a second look after allegedly leaving the scene of the Autumn leaves.

Just consider how reporter Smith drills in on how this Hispanic driver now will be impacted:  “(She) was born in Mexico, has lived nearly all of her life in the U.S… has a driver’s license, a valid Social Security number…a temporary renewable work permit under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. . .”  Because, perhaps, of the largesse of President Barack Obama who ordered this young Hispanic woman and many of her fellow Dreamers into semi-legal status by means of executive fiat, these two ignored young girls are dead.  Coincidence, unintended consequences, or what?  The insensitive, politically correct reporter goes on to bemoan how the accused wants her own family, her own children, wanted to go into beauty school.  Hello, Reporter Smith. Why not provide readers with a eulogy for the little girls who never will have their own lives, or their own children, or who never will get to look beautiful?  Listen to this Smith gem: “She (the driver) can’t believe what’s going on, why it happened. . .She cries a lot.”  Not one word from Reporter Smith about tears shed by the families of the dead little girls, the real victims of this F grade news story.  A cub reporter in a 50′s journalism class would not have made it to Reporting 102 with coverage like this.  We had to delineate priorities of facts before we could put anything out there for print consumption!  Over and over our professors told us to lead with loss of life FIRST.  But then, our pitiful press has completely flipped what is and is not priority here in America.

This terrible October news story prompted a CiR commentator to respond: “There were two kids killed. How were they not seen by the driver. . .the writer of this article fails to show any remorse for the kids killed, but focuses on the poor illegal alien!”  The New York state resident is appalled by how illegals tear through her rural community, often sporting Illinois license plates, which, in turn, can be used to buy legal tags from New York.  “There are so many new arrivals, the traffic has increased by at least a third,” she says.  So from coast to coast, shining sea to shining sea, our executive in the Oval office sees fit to let illegals Dream their way onto our streets, our Autumn leaves, our lives, yet evidently feels no compunction for legal U.S. citizens.  But, perhaps, the politically correct Oregonian press story is simply doing what it does best, seeing the misery of anyone or anything but what is America, our America now in the Autumn of its years.

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