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Police Plant Drugs On 5th Grader During Fake Raid, Kid Gets Mauled By Police Dog

October 30, 2013
Robert Wenzel
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PoliceStateUSAAn unidentified 5th grade boy in Brazil, Indiana was attacked by a police dog during a staged raid at a recent drug awareness event. All the boy did was hold the real drugs one of the officers handed to him, according to The Inquisitor.

The 11-year-old has been treated for minor injuries after a K-9 dog bit him in the left calf at the Red Ribbon Awareness week kick-off event at the Clay County Courthouse Thursday, authorities said

“It was an unfortunate accident,” Police Chief Clint McQueen told the Brazil Times. “Wish it hadn’t happened like that but it did. We are trying to evaluate (the incident) to make sure nothing like this happens again.”

To make sure things like this don’t happen again, drugs should be legalized and police step down from these chilling militarized programs.

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