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The Constitutional Right of Secession

May 14, 2013
Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
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The Constitutional Right of SecessionMike Church and Brion McClanahan have produced what looks to be an excellent new edition of Albert Taylor Bledsoe’s 19th-century work Is Davis a Traitor? or Was Secession a Constitutional Right Previous to the War of 1861? Having read the book myself years ago, I can tell you it is indeed an excellent work, full of information no one encounters in school, but which helps you break out of the establishment’s suffocating box.

You can download a free chapter here.

The brain dead establishment’s contribution to this discussion is to shout “neo-Confederate!” or express outrage that we peons would even raise what our betters have told us is a closed question. But the arguments for the constitutionality of secession are very strong, and are not refuted by calling secession backward, out of date, stupid, not-progressive, etc. — especially after the experience of the 20th century, for heaven’s sake — or pretending that anyone who favors decentralization secretly supports or is indifferent to slavery. The massive slave states of the 20th-century world could have used rather more decentralization, wouldn’t you say? William Lloyd Garrison favored the secession of the North; presumably even the thought controllers would balk at calling Garrison a “neo-Confederate.”

Thanks to Mike and Brion. I am proud to say that Brion McClanahan teaches U.S. history with me at my

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  1. May 14, 2013 12:19 pm

    The Constitution Party of Texas invites you to your county courthouse steps on Thursday, July 4, 2013, where you and your neighbors will read the Declaration of Independence.

    Please plan now to attend and to read. If you’re the only one there, then stand and read it with a loud voice, and encourage others to join you next year. If you have a good turn-out, go ahead and read the Constitution of the United States. Those who wish to make speeches afterward are welcome.

    Please contact your local newspaper for three weeks running, from June 1 forward, with a press release or Public Service Announcement, inviting the public to attend.

    Please see or call any elected public servant that you know, particularly a sheriff or county commissioner or judge, and ask them to come and read with you.

    This is an opportunity to educate the younger generation in the principles of liberty. Invite your local homeschool group to participate, as well as the less fortunate government school children. Invite principals and teachers to invite their classes. Invite veterans and active-duty military personnel. Invite Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

    If you like, arrange refreshments – water at the least – since we predict that it just might be a hot day! (You may need a permit to offer barbecue, hot dogs, etc., or to encourage others to bring their own outdoor grills and picnic.)

    If you know anyone who wants to bring a guitar or fiddle or other instruments (preferably non-electric) and play, invite them along to play before and after.

    Send this invitation to your friends, family and neighbors, and “Meet Them at the Courthouse on the Fourth!”

  2. May 14, 2013 10:07 am

    Like rebellion, secession is enshrined in our Declaration of Independence! Nullification is but a precursor to secession. Both are entirely constitutional.

    Lincoln and our revisionist “educational” system have grossly misled generations of Americans into believing otherwise. Hopefully, we are disabusing ourselves of this revisionism. has done several good pieces on this subject.

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