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ICE Union Pres: Obama Administration Cooking Books On Deportation Numbers

May 10, 2013
Breitbart News
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ICE Union president Chris Crane was interviewed on Mark Levin Show Wednesday night to discuss the challenges ICE agents face with crippling regulation from the Obama administration. Crain claimed ICE authorities can no longer arrest those they suspect to be illegals, or those suspected in criminal activity that could be illegals until they commit a crime and are booked by the local authorities. In other words, ICE officials cannot interfere to prevent crimes, violent or otherwise. Crane also revealed the startling policy that an illegal alien must be convicted of at least three crimes before ICE can initiate the deportation process. These policies all conflict with federal laws passed by Congress. Crane went on to say that that the Obama administration is now counting capture and releases by those crossing the border as “deportations” rather than preventions, thus inflating the deportation numbers used for oversight. Crane claims that in reality, deportations have plummeted.

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