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Administration Tells Benghazi Witnesses to Keep Quiet

March 16, 2013
Tad Cronn
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obama-anger-revengeSome jobs require an oath of secrecy, particularly certain positions in the military, law enforcement or intelligence fields that may expose a person to genuine national secrets.

Then there are those situations where you might be sworn to secrecy but it just doesn’t feel right, like when the school bully warns you not to rat him out to the principal after taking your lunch money.

According to Sen. Lindsey Graham, our government is telling witnesses to the September 11 attack on a U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, to keep silent about what they know.

Congressional staff members who have been investigating Benghazi believe there are 33 eyewitnesses who have for all intents and purposes “vanished.” The White House has not come forward with a list of names and won’t tell members of Congress who or where the survivors are.

White House spokesman Jay Carney has denied that the Administration is interfering with the Benghazi investigation, saying, “I’m sure that the White House is not preventing anyone from speaking.”

He’s believable because it’s perfectly normal that 33 witnesses to an embarrassing international incident wouldn’t make a peep in our media-saturated modern world. After all, it’s not like any major media outlets would be so hungry for ratings that they would grant anonymity to a source who was fearful for his job, career, family, life or whatever. That never happens.

Graham for some reason is just being stubborn when he doesn’t accept Carney’s excuses.

“The bottom line is they feel that they can’t come forth, they’ve been told to be quiet,” Graham told Fox News.

“We cannot let this administration or any other administration get away with hiding from the American people and Congress, people who were there in real time to tell the story,” he added.

At least one witness, a CIA agent, was visited in the hospital by Secretary of State John Kerry, and possibly Hillary Clinton. I’m sure they were just checking on the fellow.

Other Republicans, like Rep. Dana Rohrbacher, are just as convinced as Graham that the Administration is still hiding something from the media and Congress.

It’s hard to imagine what, since so much information has been leaked to the New Media regarding Benghazi and how the U.S. “mission” was actually a gun-running operation to fuel the fighting in Syria. It’s also known that the U.S. screwed up by relying on al-Qaida-linked mercenaries to overthrow Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

At least it’s known to the global media and the New Media — just not the lame-stream media like NBC.

We should urge Sen. Graham and other conservative representatives to keep pressing for answers.

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  1. March 16, 2013 8:33 pm

    Erica, you and I both know…they do NOT want the world to find out they were “arming” OUR enemies that murdered our people. I am surprised this guy is still alive.

  2. March 16, 2013 8:31 pm

    I just saw the advertisement for Obama’s movie of HIM getting Osama Bin Laden. What a joke!

  3. March 16, 2013 8:30 pm

    Erica, Bin Laden had “nothing to do with 9/11”

    QV: In the first half of 2001 OBL’s health started to continue on a downward spiral as he had been suffering from many serious illnesses. He was very tall (6 feet 5 inches) and suffered from Marfan Syndrome – a range of expressions, from mild to severe. The most serious complications are defects of the heart valves and aorta. It also affect the lungs, the eyes, the dural sac surrounding the spinal cord, the skeleton and the hard palate to name but a few!! For Bin Laden the main areas of concern were clearly major heart issue, kidney and the fact he was a diabetic. In July 2001 he flew by private jet to Dubai and spent one week in a US Hospital in Dubai with kidney problems and was in actual fact operated upon on the 4th July 2001. The CIA denied that this event actually occurred despite the FACT that they VISITED him several times, including a visit by the CIA Station Chief, LARRY MITCHELL on the 12th July 2001 as well as members of his family.

    During his stay in Dubai he was treated by a, reportedly, Dr Terry Callaway. Still very sick he flew back to Pakistan (a private jet) on the 14th July 2001 for recuperation and was not heard from again for some considerable time. On September the 10th 2001 he again appears at the Military Hospital in Rawalpindi for kidney dialysis with full military protection. YOU WILL NOTE THAT THIS IS THE DAY BEFORE 9/11 AND HE WAS REPORTED TO BE VERY SICK AT THE TIME. On the 12th of September 2001 a Pakistan newspaper reported that OBL had denied any involvement in 9/11. OBL assistant gave the following message from OBL on 16th September 2001 “I categorically state that I have not done this” and also that he had an agreement with the Taliban not to be in such activity. 20th September 2001 President Bush blamed OBL for 9/11. 22nd September 2001 OBL again made a statement to a Pakistan newspaper that he was not involved in 9/11. 23rd September 2001 Secretary of State Colin Powell stated he would produce evidence re OBL and 9/11. Powell talked about this many times but NO such EVIDENCE APPEARED. 24th September 2001 a letter from OBL urged the Muslims of Pakistan and Afghanistan to stand firm against aggression from the “Crusaders.” It was around this time that the Taliban responded to a request by the US to hand over OBL. They stated they would be happy to do so if evidence oh his complicity in 9/11 could be produced. The offer was declined by the US. PLEASE NOTE THIS PARA. 1st October 2001 the Taliban offered to put OBL on trial in an Islamic Court in Pakistan which met with OBL approval. This idea was vetoed by the Pakistan Government and within days the bombing started. Tony Blair the British PM at the time stated the following: “I have seen absolutely powerful and incontrovertible evidence of OBL’s link to the events of 9/11. It was evident this statement related to the “Bin Laden Dossier” a few days prior to the bombing. The dossier was at the time referred too as “Little more than conjecture, supposition and assertions of fact.” This original document is no longer available!! According to those in the know, OBL’s communications were intercepted by the Intel of Pakistan, Saudi, US and Egypt up until the 14th of December 2001 when they ceased. OBL’s FUNERAL took place in Pakistan on the 16th of December 2001 as REPORTED in both PAKISTAN and EGYPTIAN newspapers. A four page will dated the 14th of December 2001 existed. A posthumous video was released on the 27th December 2001 (His final broadcast) but this was a Pentagon fake.

  4. March 16, 2013 7:26 pm

    This is as complicated as the 9/11 BinLaden attack so I stay out of it at the moment. But when it comes from Sen. Graham it smells. Graham is, for all purposes an Israeli Agent with APAC. Mc Cain went to Benghazi many times from the beginning. Israel immediately senrt her Mossad and special forces there to help Kadafi with whom they had friednly relation of convenience. Every thing in Israel is a matter of convenience, as it is traditioally in Foreing Affairs. We are the only Country so stupid we takls of lifetime friends no matter what. Bush looked into Putin ayes and decided he was a friend. Perhap Graham would like to tell us what they were doing there, or better yet “did they go to help African mercenary there by Israel, and did the Israeli intelligence cover up their attempt to subvert the new government, keep
    the military in power if the Brotherhood should win. I am not taking sides just staying on issue in honest inquiry So Senator why don’t you start by telling us all you did there and what those people did because they are the key to the situation and the prisoners and etc.

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