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Democrats threaten sheriffs over gun ban testimony

March 15, 2013
Fred Brownbill
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Sheriff-MaketaMy friend, Al Maurer, is the author of the great article in the Washington Times – thought you might find our battle here interesting. Go to his link below to read it. Recalls have been started, and the Sheriffs in CO, all 62, are united in their stance on protecting the 2nd Amendment. They have already started a lawsuit.

We filmed the Pueblo townhall with Angela Giron, confirmed communist, and our Senator. About 1000 people showed up, 99.9% were on our side. You can watch it here – 1.5 hrs long:

Battle lines are being drawn, this is ground zero. Please pray for us.



From Al Maurer:   This story is going viral,

Please read, like and share. I detail more of the antics lower down.

Good job, Jeff! and Sheriff Maketa!and all our awesome Republican senators.

Al Maurer.

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  1. March 16, 2013 2:28 am

    Cannot open the link so don’t know what happen but I supported then and support now what the Sheriff’s said regarding the Constitution even if we have a slightly different interpretation since I consider the first part of the 2nd amendment regarding the militia as very pertinent to the issue. I also thin k weapons of war do not belong on the street but this does not translate to action against citizens war weapons must be controlled at the point of order and sale. As in most Nations the President approve Pentagon request and issue order to
    deliver to the Pentagon. It is as simple as that. Law enforcement can also place their order as does the Pentagon.

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