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Outdoor Channel Blacklists Colorado Over Gun Control Laws

March 13, 2013
da Tagliare
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OutdoorChannelLiving in the Southwest for most of my life, I’ve seen just how many people go to Colorado to hunt, fish, ski, hike, camp and sight see.  Combined together, these activities generate millions of dollars for businesses as well as the state government.

Yet, the controlling Democrats are willing to lose a large portion of that revenue and place many businesses in jeopardy, just to push Obama’s anti-gun policies.  A couple of major businesses are already looking to relocate out of the state because of the recently passed and newly proposed anti-gun laws.

Now, the Outdoor Channel, a very popular cable network for hunters, fishermen and outdoors type people, has notified the Colorado Senate Republican Caucus that they are prepared to pull all of their productions out of the state if the anti-gun laws are passed.  Currently, the Outdoor Channel has four cable program series being produced in Colorado, including their most popular program ‘Gun Stories.’

Michael Bane, executive producer and host of Outdoor Channel, sent an email to State Sen. Steve King (R-Grand Junction) stating in part:

“This morning I met with my three Producers, and we made the decision that if these antigun bills become law, we will be moving all of our production OUT of Colorado. We have already cancelled a scheduled filming session for late this month. Obviously, part of this is due to our own commitment to the right to keep and bear arms, but it also reflects 3 lawyers’ opinions that these laws are so poorly drafted and so designed to trap otherwise legal citizens into a crime (one of our attorneys referred to them as “flypaper laws”) that it is simply too dangerous for us to film here.”

“I can give you chapter and verse on the legal implications if you need, but suffice to say that the first legal opinion was so scary we went out and got two others. Al three attorneys agreed.”

“We are relatively small potatoes in television, but our relocation of production will cost Colorado a little less than a million dollars in 2013.”

“Secondly, we have proudly promoted Colorado in our productions (and have been moving more and more production into the state); now we will do exactly the opposite. What does this mean for Colorado? The community of television producers is a small one. Last week I had lunch with a major network producer who was looking to locate his new reality series in Colorado. That producer is also a shooter, and the new reality series will now be based out of Phoenix. That lunch cost Colorado over a million in economic impact.

“Thirdly, according to numbers I received from the National Shooting Sports Foundation (for whom I used to work) yesterday, hunting had an almost $800,000,000 impact on Colorado in 2012, driving as many as 8330 jobs. Next month I will be in Texas meeting with most of the top outdoor/hunting producers, and the Number One agenda item will be Colorado. Already, hunting organizations and statewide hunting clubs around the country are pulling out of Colorado, and we expect this trend to accelerate rapidly.”

“The message we will take to our viewers and listeners is that these proposed laws are so dangerous to hunters and any other person, be she a fisherman or a skier who brings a handgun into the state for self-defense, that we cannot recommend hunting, fishing or visiting Colorado. We reach millions of people, and, quite frankly, we have a credibility that Colorado government officials can no longer match. Colorado Division of Wildlife is already running ads trying to bring more out-of-state hunters to Colorado…in light of the flood of negative publicity about these proposed laws, I can assure you those ads will fail.”

We estimate that as many as one-quarter to one-third of out-of-state hunters will desert Colorado in the next 18-24 months, which will quite frankly be a disaster for the hunting industry in Colorado and have a devastating effect on our western and northern communities (certainly like Grand Junction).”

Sen. King spoke out against the pending anti-gun laws saying:

“These radical bills demonstrate that penalizing law-abiding gun owners harms not only Colorado hunters, but it also damages the economy. If these bills pass, Colorado will become known as an unfriendly state toward sportsmen and will force other producers across the country to consider other states.”

Sen. Bill Cadman (R-Colorado Springs), Minority Leader in the state senate also spoke out saying:

“The Democrats are taking their marching orders from extreme liberal New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and are ignoring the people who voted for them. He has promised to ‘pay’ for their support of his agenda in the coming elections. He (Bloomberg) has now become the de-facto head of the Democrat party and the de-facto Governor of Colorado. This is a sad day for our state, and could be a very sad day for the Constitution.”

First the gun companies threaten to leave, taking hundreds of jobs and a million dollars’ worth of revenue and now the Outdoor Channel not only is planning on leaving, but is about to launch a campaign to turn people and millions of dollars away from Colorado.  But will it be enough to cause the Democratic leadership to stop their insanity?  I suspect not!  They are so hell bent on promoting their anti-gun agenda, that they won’t care how much money or how many jobs it will cost the people of Colorado.

Just like Obama, it’s not what the people want or what’s best for the people; it’s the personal agenda that takes priority.  Once Obama gets some guns banned, he won’t stop until they are all banned and once that happens, he will launch his hostile military takeover of the US and free America will disappear forever.

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