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Universal Background Check Equates to Backdoor Gun Registry

March 5, 2013
J. D. Longstreet
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The Right To Bare ArmsJust so we are clear — I am against the proposed universal background check for gun purchasers.

Why?  Because it is pure bovine scatology and a load of horse hockey. Ultimately, a universal background check will lead directly — and quickly — to a national gun registry.

At its core there is very little difference between a background check and registering a weapon. In fact many are referring to he Universal Background Check as “Universal Backdoor Gun Registration.” 

How’s that?

Well, first and foremost, your name is suddenly on a government list of names of people who want to purchase a weapon. RED FLAGS go up all over our progressive/socialist/Marxist/authoritarian government!  “Gads! Another gun nut!  We’d better keep a close eye on him/her!”   See, anyone, and I do mean, ANYONE, expressing a desire to purchase a weapon, of any kind, in America today is considered by our government as a threat, a potential domestic terrorist.

Actually, it appears a universal background check law is the only part of the gun control proposals in Congress that has any chance at actually being passed into law.

In case you don’t know, the UBC would extend background checks to purchasers of guns at gun shows — and — private sales of guns. (That is to say — if you decide you want sell your 12-gauge to your hunting buddy Joe, then Joe must undergo a government background check before he can actually buy the weapon from you!)

What about gun sales or transfers of guns between family members?  Well, you may be surprised to learn that there are those pushing — HARD — for background checks of family members transferring or selling guns within the family.  That would include the centuries old tradition of grandfathers and fathers passing on their guns to the next generation.

And then there is this:  “Advocating universal background checks may leave the uninformed with the impression that this measure would solve the issue of criminals obtaining guns; it doesn’t. According to a 2001 Department of Justice study, 78.8% of criminals get their guns from sources outside of retail store purchases. 39.6% get guns from friends or family while another 39.2% get guns from the street or other illegal means. Universal background checks don’t address illegal trafficking.” SOURCE

Only a liberal would be naive enough to believe they can control private gun sales in America, especially here in the southern states of America where I live.  As I was writing this, several ways to get around that occurred to me. And if they occurred to me, you can bet they will sure as heck be practiced by my enterprising fellow southerners. 

Look.  When the people of the United States decided they wanted security more than they wanted freedom, the constitution was trashed.

We live today in a post constitution America.  Our President  just makes up the law as he goes and issues orders much as a dictator does.  The other two branches of the government are irrelevant.  The Congress and the Supreme Court simply don’t matter anymore.  Besides, those of us who are not Marxists don’t trust either the Congress or the Court.  Why should we?  They’ve been gelded by a fast talking con-man in the White House and they cannot gather enough courage among them to stop him.

As of this writing, I am beginning to believe we will wind up with, at the very least,  a universal background check law.  After all the sound and fury from gun grabbers in Congress and the administration, and what, in my estimation, has been a rather weak show of resistance from the gun owner organizations, one can, I believe, expect legislation of some kind to clear the Congress and be signed by the President.

I know.  I know!  THIS IS INFRINGEMENT  — and it is forbidden by the constitution.  BUT — we are not ruled by the constitution anymore!  The US is no longer a representative republic.  We are an oligarchy. Yes.  Now the US is a country with a political system governed by just a few of the so-called politically elite sometimes referred to as our “paternalistic ruling elite.”  Unfortunately, they are Marxists — or — they are ruled, themselves, by Marxists.

America is, indeed, a brave new world with brave new masters bent on destroying the one country offering the single best hope for mankind on the planet.

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