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Despite Sequestration Hysteria, Government Keeps “Creating” Thousands Of Jobs

February 27, 2013
Philip Hodges
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obama-laughingBy now, we all understand that there really is no sequestration crisis. The alleged “cuts” are merely cuts in proposed increases. Using D.C. math, that constitutes a spending cut, even though nothing is actually cut.

It’s like when Obama claimed that he cut spending last year by $1 trillion even though spending has been steadily increasing for the past decade. In 2010, Washington had projected that they would spend $5.6 trillion in 2020. Now, they’re projecting $5.1 trillion. And there’s their “cut.” The so-called sequestration is really no different.

All this rhetoric coming from the administration is “just words, just speeches.” Just scare tactics to get the GOP to compromise in some big way at 11:59 PM this Thursday night. If the GOP cave on taxes again, then everything will go back to normal and Al-Qaeda won’t bomb our country after all.

If they’re really so serious that teachers and others dependent on federal money are all of a sudden going to lose their jobs because of these draconian cuts in proposed increases, then why are they hiring for so many positions around the country as the Washington Examiner reported:

“The federal government appears to be hiring for hundreds of jobs in the Washington, D.C. area and thousands more around the country, even as President Obama warns sequestration cuts will force agencies to furlough and lay off essential employees. Administration officials warn sequestration would mean furloughing border patrol agents, air traffic controllers, food inspectors and other critical employees to deal with what they bill as drastic spending cuts. But a quick search on turns up a raft of open government positions ranging from cooks to mechanics to statisticians.”

They’re hiring because there is no crisis. Life will go on with or without the cuts in proposed increases that are scheduled to go in effect on Friday.

The government is throwing a temper tantrum and acting like they might as well completely shut down because the GOP won’t stop all the fake spending cuts from happening (if only they would shut down). On a radio show today, I heard a man call in saying that he was a federal employee with the Department of Defense, and that he got a letter from the DoD stating that he would be put on furlough for 22 weeks straight, getting paid only 4 days a week instead of 5. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano claimed that if these “cuts” go through, America will be more vulnerable to terrorist attacks. Even the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are releasing illegal aliens, and they’re using the sequestration as an excuse. As if none of these departments can find anywhere else to cut.

Just look at the Pentagon, spending money researching the color of the feathers on the famed “missing link” between birds and dinosaurs, the Archaeopteryx; or paying to create an iPhone application called Caffeine Zone 2 that advises people on how to schedule coffee breaks; or spending $1.5 million on developing a special, new roll-up beef jerky; or funding a workshop on interstellar space travel that included a segment called, “Did Jesus Die for Klingons Too?” That “beef jerky” project was actually funded by money that was taken out of a weapons program.

Some $68 billion was spent by the Pentagon on these useless projects. And there’s plenty of useless things the DHS does and I’m sure the ICE does as well that they could cut instead of letting illegal aliens go free or cutting what little security we have on the border. If they’re going to be that way, maybe Obama’s entire administration should just quit.

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  1. February 28, 2013 12:44 am

    It is beginning to sound like a distrarction..From what??? I am looking at foreign affairs. The way we are now with Neo Con pushing for war where the money is, and how some people made their money from drugs.
    We cannot change anything until we clean out Congress. The only problem with Hagel would be for the money grabber power seeker becasue he has no intention of sending our troop die to make those…..richer. I think we better pay attention what is blowing in from those blood sucker, trouble makers looking for money and help they would not need if they stopped pushing people around.

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