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Texas Students Asked To Design Flag for New Communist Nation

February 8, 2013
da Tagliare
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Texas-student-flag-projectAs America becomes more liberal, there are still a few states that stand as beacons of conservatism and good ole American values.  One of those states is Texas.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott ran ads in Albany and New York City telling New York gun owners to move to Texas to get away from the strictest state gun laws in the nation.  Hunting and gun ownership means as much to most Texans as owning a driver’s license or having a job is to others.  It’s more than a right, it’s a way of life that they will guard with their lives.

The Texas state legislature, with the endorsement of Abbott and Gov. Rick Perry, passed a law that forbids any abortion provider in the state from receiving taxpayer funds.  This hit Planned Parenthood facilities in the state hard and has helped cut down the number of abortions.

But when it comes to the education of their children, Texas has become almost as liberal as California or New York.  A new curriculum infiltrating Texas schools has re-written history to make patriotism look more like terrorism.  School kids are being taught that the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism, not patriotism.  They are also being taught that Allah is God Almighty.

Now, the same curriculum, produced by CSCOPE, is asking 6th graders to design a flag for a new communist country.  The lesson plan reads:

“Notice socialist/communist nations use symbolism on their flags representing various aspects of their economic system. Imagine a new socialist nation is creating a flag and you have been put in charge of creating that flag. Use symbolism to represent aspects of socialism/communism on your flag. What kind of symbolism/colors would you use?”

The creators of the curriculum could have asked the students to design a flag for a country that recently gained its freedom from communism, but they chose to go in the opposite direction.  Finally, some state legislators are growing concerned enough to hold a hearing in which they questioned the curriculum creators about their motives.  They are saying that the new curriculum promotes anti-American values and suppresses classroom flexibility.

During the hearings, they heard from a number of witnesses that described the CSCOPE curriculum as being dangerous, liberal and anti-Christian.  One algebra teacher became emotional during his testimony when he told the committee that he had resigned because he felt using the curriculum was ‘aiding and abetting a crime.’

State Sen. Larry Taylor stated the he saw the lesson plan on designing a communist flag as ‘very egregious as a Texan and an American.’  He went on to say that it sounds like the students are supposed to sympathize with the people in the other countries.

State Sen. Donna Campbell questioned the creators of CSCOPE about the rigidity of the curriculum.  She was concerned that it did not allow for any flexibility of the teachers.  The creators responded that it was designed to make sure that teachers adhered to the complicated state requirements.  Campbell was not satisfied with the response and cut them off saying that, ‘Our teachers don’t need to be scripted.’

The CSCOPE curriculum is currently being used in about 70% of the public schools in Texas, which means the majority of students are being indoctrinated to accept Allah as God, American patriots were terrorists and that communism isn’t all that bad.  Hopefully, there are enough lawmakers in the state that see the problems and concerns of this anti-American, anti-Christian curriculum and that they take action to remove it from Texas schools before we completely lose the generation of Texas conservatives.

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  1. Brehon permalink
    September 22, 2014 11:41 am

    Looking back over the past 40 or so years, we of 20/20 cultural vision have constantly warned of the far left ideology increasingly pervasive in our so-called institution of higher learning. It is one thing to learn about a political system, and a whole other thing to have that political system promulgated in our public schools to naïve young minds without experience. To present Allah as the one true god in a school curriculum is a total violation of the concept of separation of church and state, because the public schools are forcing that belief on the students. Discussing the Christian faith in the classroom has been found to be unconstitutional all over the country. Why is Islam excepted? I think it is because we have a covert Muslim president, and the little patronage pigeons are flocking to the cause under the table.
    In the name of tolerance and inclusion, our colleges are brainwashing students against America, and America is paying them to do it. I am a tolerant man, but the hypocrisy, racism and bigotry of our government’s current administration, and its attacks on the constitutional rights of Americans are intolerable.


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