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Why do ‘The Young Turks’ hate White Southerners?

January 31, 2013
Michael Cushman
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Leftist news commentators angrily attack Southerners

According to The Young Turks, a Left-wing political daily news commentary program that bills itself as ‘the largest online news network in the world,’ White Southerners are ‘losers’ and ‘traitors’ because they believe in self-determination and oppose blending their people out of existence. This was their response to a proposal by Mississippi State representatives to create a nullification committee to review Federal laws to determine whether or not they comply with the limitations on the central government set forth in the US Constitution. The Turkish hosts of this US program, Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, directly addressed Southerners and asked, ‘Ok, now you want to get your ass kicked again? Ok. You losers! Is that what you want? Ok. You un-patriotic, un-American people who are traitors to this country. Ok. So you were traitors before and we had to kick your ass back into line. You want to do it again?’ The hosts then went on to say that they had been to the South and visited Southern casinos and liked the South. They then laughed briefly, as if to imply that casinos were the only thing they liked about the South. The Young Turks then invoked examples from history where the US Federal Government used force against Southerners for defying Federal mandates such as forced integration under Dwight Eisenhower. The hosts claimed that Southerners were an ‘embarrassment’ for standing up to the Feds and went on to say ‘it was immoral, it was sickening and it was wrong to oppose Washington, DC.’  They then went on to attack Southern voters who oppose miscegenation and blending their people out of existence. They said, ‘you lost, you’re going to lose again, and I guess that makes you incredibly bitter.’ From there, they attacked Mississippi specifically, saying that ‘without the rest of the US, you would be lucky to be Guatemala.’ In fact, Mississippi, with a population of less than 3 million people, has a gross domestic product (GDP) of $98 billion while Guatemala, with a population of over 13 million people, has a GDP of just $74 billion. There is no comparison; Mississippi is far more wealthy than Guatemala or other Third World countries.

Why do The Young Turks hate Southerners and threaten violence against them? Though they may be foreigners, these commentators have imbibed the anti-Southern and anti-White attitudes which prevail in the US media. In general, they have absorbed the intense hatred for the South that is common in many Northerners. Notice too that their hatred is based on Southern resistance to Federal intervention in their society. Specifically, The Young Turks express anger at Southerners for supporting self-determination and opposing miscegenation. And yet, what ethnic or cultural group on Earth does not support self-government and the preservation of its people? If any such group gave up support for these things they would quickly be eliminated from the pages of history.

Hatred of White Southerners is quite common in the United States. For example, a recent scientific study revealed that non-Southern children in the US acquire from the culture around them a strong bias against Southern-speaking people at a young age. Hollywood has also recently produced two extremely anti-Southern films (one of which glorifies murdering Southerners). This led Rush Limbaugh, the most listened to talk radio host in the United States, to argue on his program that the US Left wants to ‘finish off’ the South. Anti-Southern attitudes such as the ones displayed by The Young Turks prompted nineteenth century Southern nationalists to argue to their fellow Southerners that the real problem with the US system was not so much the Constitution itself, but rather the people with whom they had unwisely united. Professor Eric H Walter writes on page 297 of The Fire-Eaters:

As William L. Yancey said… the fire-eaters thought that “the disease, which preys on the vitals of the Federal Union, does not emanate from any defect in the Federal Constitution – but from a deeper source – the hearts, heads and consciences of the Northern people.” …Other fire-eaters agreed. Convinced that the hostile, irresponsible, and insurmountable political power of the North imperiled southern rights, honor, and traditional liberties, the fire-eaters counseled secession.

Mississippi’s Secession Commissioner Fulton Anderson argued before the State Assembly of Virginia in 1861:

An infidel fanaticism, crying out for a higher law than that of the Constitution and a holier Bible than that of the Christian, has been enlisted in the strife, and in every form in which the opinions of a people can be fixed and their sentiments perverted. In the schoolroom, the pulpit, on the rostrum, in the lecture-room and in the halls of legislation, hatred and contempt of us and our institutions, and of the Constitution which protects them, have been inculcated upon the present generation of Northern people. Above all, they have been taught to believe that we are a race inferior to them in morality and civilization….

Is not the anti-Southern attitude that Anderson spoke of a century and half ago painfully evident today in the words of The Young Turks? Attitudes such as this led Southern nationalist leader Robert Barnwell Rhett to exclaim, ‘The South must dissever itself from the rotten Northern element.’ Indeed. Why should Southerners remain in an abusive relationship with a people who hate them and regularly force their bizarre morality and Leftpolitical ideals upon a culture and people they disdain? It is little wonder that millions of Southerners today want out? According to a recent PPP poll, half of Georgia Republicans, for example, want independence. The League of the South is working to make Southern self-determination a reality. Southerners who have had enough of the hatred directed against them by the US media and government are invited to join the effort.

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  1. jericho777 permalink
    March 23, 2013 12:07 pm

    Remember the Christian Armenians & Christian Kosovo Serbs slaughtered by the Turks and are to this day being murdered in Kosovo by the Turks in their efforts for ethnic cleansing, which by the way, was never their country to began with, they migrated into Kosovo and now demand that they be giving a statehood there…
    Insane, We are insane!!!!
    And they come here to insult Southern Americans…Never to my face they would never dare it…

  2. upaces88 permalink
    February 17, 2013 1:10 pm

    I can’t speak for all of the Southern States but this was the story that was handed down to us.
    After the Civil War, the Africans had the choice of going BACK to Africa. Jewish business leaders bought “5” ships to take them back to Africa. Do you know how many went back?
    ONE ship was HALF full. They chose to remain here.

    My ancestors lived in Northeastern Texas. There were NO cities close to them. They had to get in a wagon and drive all day to and from the closest store. They were poor people who built their own homes. My grandfather had one cow and one bull. He had many chickens.

    The government GAVE the freed slaves lumber to build their homes with; feed, seeds, etc.; one bull and one cow. Chickens and one rooster… and so on.

    The brain-dead idiots Killed the bull to eat as well as the “Rooster.” Well, common sense tells us that you must have a male to propagate the livestock, etc.

    After they Killed, and ate the bull and the roosters, they raided the nearby farms at night. People! There was NO Sheriff in town. There was NO law offices at all. To get help, they’d have to get in their wagons for an all day trip to the closest Sheriff’s office leaving their farms to be raided.

    So? People we are talking about “survival” here. So, the farmers got together and decided to let them know that they would not stand for having the food, literally, taken out of the mouths. They hung them. These people were NOT KKK. They were fighting for their survival…They weren’t KKK; but I am sure this was one of the reasons the KKK was formed.

  3. Rayar Johnson permalink
    February 17, 2013 8:38 am


    In the Wayne County Mississippi Newspaper Front page continues 8A February 14,2013 addition.

    KKK threat to kill my child four children continous violations. We need representation. But, Sheriff office said they cannot get involved with this, they have a contract with the school.I called 911 they couldn’t help us.

    Rayar Johnnson

  4. upaces88 permalink
    January 31, 2013 9:06 pm

    They are ignorant…LITERALLY, I G N O R A N T Idiots, with huge ego(s) and have no idea what in hell they are talking about.

    They are the traitors IF they go along with Obama’s programs.

  5. jericho777 permalink
    January 31, 2013 6:52 pm

    As a White Native Southern American who also believes in self-determination, freedom, and American exceptionalism, and that’s Native, as was born here in this Great Republic as was my forefathers prior to the Revolutionary war and who still believes in miscegenation for many reasons and those stated above…
    Do you know why Zionist are being so embattled and referred to as racist? Look at their beliefs and compare them to the Heritage and Traditions of the Souths religious hold onto the truth as it is written by YHVH, not by man!
    He commanded the Jews not practice miscegenation, not because of skin color, but because of the different cults other ethnic groups practiced. YHVH did not want himself being pushed out of his chosen children’s lives as he would eventually be done, due to their rebellion against him and the intermarriages into the different cults that created a broad belief system.
    The Zionist hold on to these teachings today as do many Southerns for the very same reason. We do not want to see our Southern Heritage and Traditions watered down out of existence…
    I have a profound respect for my Black neighbors and those who wish to celebrate their African heritage, it’s theirs to do, but, I also want to be afforded those same rights to practice mine in whatever way is mine to do without being made a racist for it…
    Do you see blacks who believe their race shouldn’t be watered dawn by whites as being racist, then why am I being called one, for the very same reasons as I have stated above, what is so racist about that statement?
    As Southerners, we have to denounce all disinformation we find about our South, from the cause of the Civil War and Slavery to why we are so successful today in the economic markets and our bringing new factory jobs to our South..
    When I started attending Robert Smalls Jr High in Beaufort SC after being segregated into an all black school, I had five Yankee Teachers force my parents to make us attend speech therapy classes to shed us of our Southern accents because they claimed they couldn’t understand us, it was that, or we couldn’t attend their classes. I will never forgive them for what they took from us three oldest kids and we cried about it as did Momma & Poppa who fought them to no avail…
    Though we retained our Southern accents, we lost the deep Southern Gaelic accent that was passed down from my Scottish Heritage from Momma’s side of the family…It was different in each of us kids as we developed it independently as most will, this made up our character, our differing personality’s and these damn Yankees stole that from us, Now That’s Racist…And BTW, they were Black Teachers, all five of them, including the Black Principle Dr Mabel Brown Waddell who enforced these Yankee teachers demands of us? LOL, We Southerners don’t forget either?
    And at this same school, they did however teach Gullah Geechee, amazing ain’t it?
    We cannot afford to be stripped of any more of our Southern Traditions, here in SC it is unlawful to play Dixie, wave the Stars & Bars during School games or public activities as are many other Southern Traditions, especially at the Citidale, A military Confederate School?
    And if you fly our flag on your truck in any fashion, be it tags or waving flags or tinted windows, you will get harasses by the law enforcement as my brother was for two years, even after he made over 10 civil complaints against the Black officer who kept harassing him. he was finally forced to remove the flags or be fired because this cop picked morning rush hour to stop my Brother on his way to work and coming home, three times a week and his bosses gave him the ultimatum, lose the flag, or lose your job, G_d as my witness true was, true is…we also had a fella at JW Aluminum CO in Goose Creek SC loose his job because he refused to remove the Stars & Bars from inside his lunch pale, two Blacks were offended by it…

    So, here we are, and man would I love for these foreign butt wipes to come down to my South and try to kick my ass, man would I love them to try, I would even pay them to come here and try it!!!

  6. genomega1 permalink
    January 31, 2013 5:48 pm

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Why do ‘The Young Turks’ hate White Southerners?

  7. jericho777 permalink
    January 31, 2013 4:47 pm

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog.

  8. upaces88 permalink
    January 31, 2013 4:28 pm

    I have many, many friends from the North, North East and North West and they ALL now understand why the South fought so hard…even to their deaths. In the end, the Confederates were throwing stones and boulders because they ran out of bullets. The Yankees had burned down their homes; their barns and stolen anything that could have been melted to make bullets.
    This song will pull at your heart and soul; and for those of you who are from the North, will understand now why this man was so passionate as he sang:

    Elvis and the Trilogy:

  9. JIMVET permalink
    January 31, 2013 4:26 pm

    These guys contribute zero to our well being…/Go piss up a rope..

  10. upaces88 permalink
    January 31, 2013 4:23 pm

    The South was defined before the War Between The States. Basically? We have the same issues at this time in our history that we had then! The UNION (Lincoln+ states) wanted to include the South in with the Union because of finances NEEDING what the South had. They NEEDED what we grew! We didn’t need them. They didn’t want to “buy it from us.”
    They wanted to OWN US.

    They are doing it again coming from a different direction. Wanting the “Take the Guns” is a huge issue. WE DO NOT FEEL EMBARRASSED. WE FEEL VERY PROUD TO BE PART OF THE SOUTH!

    Your “challenges” to the U.S. Government is failing OR haven’t you noticed!

  11. Pazuzu permalink
    January 31, 2013 10:37 am

    AS a white Southerner who believes in self-determination, freedom, and American exceptionalism; this deeply offends me. The threats of ass-kicking and the general racist hatred on display by these foreigners make me want to puke, Harold, everybody needs to see and hear this, thanks for putting it out there.


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