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Obama vs. the Constitution

January 30, 2013
Laurence Vance
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I just received an e-mail “Conservative Action Alert” stating: “Obama’s anti-gun executive orders are in opposition to his Presidential Oath and the Constitution itself. Blast faxes to Congress demanding they file articles of impeachment against Obama’s anti-gun executive lawbreaking!”

Don’t remember getting any of these when Bush launched two wars without a constitutional declaration of war. And if we are going to impeach Obama, what are we going to do with these Republicans?

For the record, yes, of course, I loathe Obama, as I have written here.

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  1. January 30, 2013 2:33 pm

    As usual Parties and politics do not solve problems because they focus on political victories. If we are after a solution, then let us take an issue that forces actions we want,

    The reason people want gun is for protection, the reason gun purchase has increased is because danger has increased. Record show we the people cannot rely on government for protection foo many special interest running our government. So, before taking our gun the government MUST show their Constitutional reliance on the mandate of the Government that THEY will ensure EQUAL JUSTICE for all and proper punishment for the guilty. For many of us who love this Nation and the Constitution on which it stands, before taking our self protection from us, have law enforcement
    protect the people from crimes of all kinds, not place bars on their windows.
    savings. We are still waiting to hear those pro immigration and anti gun people demanding a stop to the constant unpunished crime that is happening at the border states encouraged by “compares” officers and drug dealers running the show. We are still waiting for Obama to read the list of names of rape and rubberies and violence, many not even listed by our law enforcement to avoid a deporting record do not get record because it would subject them to deportation.
    I will forward a true statistics checked carefully.
    So, when we hear “a nation of immigrant:” let us answer, “first clean out the sewer of the scum you gave allowed in and have law enforcement go after them starting at the top, the bankers and money changes and scoundrels who came here to pillage,not to serve.

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