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GI Jane Finally Gets Chance to Have Her Head Blown Off, Too

January 24, 2013
Tad Cronn
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israeli-women-soldiersWhat a fascinating tribe liberals are. Mostly opposed to any military action, liberals yesterday were nonetheless cheering outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s decision to allow women to join frontline combat units.

What we’re supposed to get out of this is that the country is taking a great step toward equality, rather than making a dubious military decision that may ultimately weaken our ground units.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for women being all that they can be, and I know there are many brave female veterans.

My misgivings aren’t with the women who will want a shot at the infantry, SEALs or other combat unit. But I am exceptionally worried about how this Administration will carry out such a policy.

All liberals see is some mythical “equality” that fulfills their PC fantasy of how the world should be. But we know from other efforts to force equality on the country that the end result is seldom what is promised.

One prime example is affirmative action. Rather than lifting up people who could use help developing their skills and careers, affirmative action has the opposite effect, dragging down entire programs and industries.

Many if not most frontline combat positions absolutely require muscles that women just don’t have. If there are women out there who can meet exactly the same standards as the men who fill out our combat units, then more power to them.

But history suggests that what will most likely happen is someone will sue and either the courts or the Congress will force the military branches to make their training programs easier for women to pass.

In combat, that liberal attitude could get women killed. It could also result in a physically weaker and less successful ground force.

The other aspect of “equality” that will unavoidably rear its head is that favorite tool of the Left, the quota.

Right now, women are about 14 percent of the military personnel. As soon as quotas get involved, that number will have to go up to around 50 percent to satisfy the number hounds. In order for that to happen, women will have to begin registering for selective service. That will lead naturally to a need to reinstate the draft in order to hit quotas.

Also, the pressure will be on to ensure that women are represented in the ranks of officers, encouraging undeserved promotions to fulfill the Administration’s wishes.

The bottom line is that Panetta’s decision is not being made out of military necessity, and it shows little hope as-is of delivering what’s being promised.

This “victory for equality,” if not handled properly, could add up to a loss for our military and for women.

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