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Era of thought crimes now here as psychiatrists given ‘Judge Dredd’ authority to strip citizens of their constitutional rights

January 22, 2013
Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Judge_DreddMost Americans operate under the assumption that your thoughts are your own private business and that they cannot be used against you to forfeit your rights and freedoms. It’s only actions that matter when it comes to being judged, right? Merely thinking something doesn’t mean you’re going to act on it, right?

Enter Barack Obama and his 23 executive orders issued last week. (And don’t forget New York mafia Governor Cuomo and his new “psychiatric police” law.) Suddenly merely thinking about doing something violent or dangerous can cause all your constitutional rights to be stripped away by the state. Here’s how it works:

If you’re seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist and you say something that might be considered violent — “I can’t stand my boss and I wish he would just die!” — under Obama’s executive orders the psychiatrist must now report you to the government as a possible danger to society. This is done in complete violation of doctor-patient confidentiality, of course.

Once the government receives this information, it then conducts a raid on the home of the person in question, seizes his or her firearms, and places that person on a “no gun buy” list maintained by the FBI, completely outside of law and due process.

This isn’t a bill being debated that might be passed into law — this is in effect right now! This is what happens if you visit a psychiatrist tomorrow. And you can bet that every psychiatrist or psychologist will immediately report even the smallest hint of violent thinking to government authorities in order to avoid being blamed for NOT reporting that person if something violent happens.

So now, with the stroke of a pen, Obama has transformed the entire industry of modern psychiatry into the thought police with Judge Dredd-like authority over your life.

No judge, no jury, no due process: You are just GUILTY by decree

It used to be that a judge had to declare you mentally incompetent in order to take away your constitutional rights. That process, found in the judicial branch of government, at least gave people the opportunity to present refuting evidence and in many cases even benefit from the help of legal counsel. But now all that has been stripped away in the idiotic, irrational reaction to the actions of one crazed person who murdered children at Sandy Hook. Now the executive branch of government has taken over the entire domain of mental health.

Thanks to Obama’s executive orders, you no longer have the right to the privacy of your own thoughts. There mere act of seeking professional help for anguish, or anger, or imbalanced emotions now makes you GUILTY of things you’ve never even done!

gun owners who may reasonably or unreasonably think, ‘I’m not going anywhere near a mental health person, because if they misinterpret something I say as an indication I’m going to hurt myself or someone else, they’re going to report me and take away my guns,’ said Paul Applebaum, director of the Division of Law, Ethics, and Psychiatry at Columbia University in an NBC News article.

That story goes on to report:

New York’s expanded gun law signed by Cuomo on January 15 goes further than most state laws in that it requires mental health professionals to report any person considered “likely to engage in conduct that would result in serious harm to self or others” to local health officials. Those officials would be authorized to report that person to law enforcement, which could seize the person’s firearms.

Psychiatrists have zero credibility to begin with

The problem with all this is that this “Judge Dredd” diagnosis is being made by the very same people who are steeped in an industry of fictitious diseases and disorders.

When a psychiatrist witnesses an active, intelligent child, he sees Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. When a psychiatrist visits with a person who seems to be sad, he sees a deficiency of antidepressant drugs requiring immediate chemical intervention.

How on earth are we supposed to trust these same people to observe someone sharing their most intimate, private thoughts and not leap to the conclusion that they might be a danger to society? Isn’t it true that nearly everyone, at one time or another, has held angry thoughts about a coworker, a neighbor, a family member, an ex-intimate partner or some other member of society? What person on this planet has never experienced the thought of violence against some other person?

So now we get to the real aim of all this: To criminalize everyone for completely normal human emotions and experiences. Now, the mere expression of anger will, itself, be “diagnosed” as a mental disorder that automatically strips from you any and all rights as an American citizen. You can then be hauled off to the Obama gulag and held under indefinite detention as if you were an enemy combatant. After all, you might be a terrorist! And if you get angry about being arrested, then that only proves that you’re a violent person, indeed!

Of course, if your anger is only directed at gun owners, that’s perfectly acceptable. You can say, right on national television, that you think we ought to shoot gun owners and murder their families, and this sort of speech will be widely applauded by the likes of Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper and other CNN puppets of the new psychiatric police state that has been covertly erected around your mind while you were sleeping.

What can you do? STOP visiting any and all psychiatrists and psychologists, period

Your only defense against all this is to immediately stop visiting any and all psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors. They are now government snitches working for Obama. They’re no longer advocates for you and your rights; they are thought police enforcers propping up a rapidly deteriorating police state.

FACE IT: There is no more doctor-patient confidentiality in America. Your psychiatrist, if you’re foolish enough to actually have one, is now part of the secret police network that reports to the Department of Homeland Security. (And yet you pay the bill.)

This is not a conspiracy theory and it’s not a scary warning about some possible dystopian future that might come true. This is here right now. This is in effect today, all across America. If you don’t believe me, go visit a psychiatrist, explain that you sometimes (for example) imagine using hand grenades to blow up little children, and see how long it takes before you’re swept away in a straight jacket and stripped of all your freedoms. You will be institutionalized within hours.

This is it, folks: We have entered the era of thought crimes enforcement in America.

And psychiatrists are the “pre-crime” snitches who now wield the power of Judge Dredd over all your freedoms.

Your emotions must now be identical to those expressed by the state

All this is ripped right out of George Orwell’s 1984 novel, where a citizen who held the wrong expression on his face during a government propaganda announcement was arrested as a suspected enemy of the state.

When the state is happy, you must be happy. When the state is outraged (for example at all gun owners following the Sandy Hook shooting), you must mirror that outrage in your own words and expressions. When the state is pushing fear, you must act fearful. Just as in North Korea, when the dear leader dies, you must cry and sob on command, or you are thrown in the gulag.

If your emotions run counter to the official emotions of the state, you are then deemed a danger to society. For example, if the state is happy about passing unconstitutional gun control restrictions but you are outraged at the government for doing so, this disparity in emotional status automatically makes you a danger to society, the government claims. You can be arrested, stripped of all your rights, and even “indefinitely detained” under Obama’s anti-humanitarian NDAA law.

Children are now being suspended from school for pointing their fingers and imagining their fingers are guns. You know, as in the old-time children’s imaginary game called “Cops and robbers.” The crime, we are told, is in the imagining of a gun!

Similarly, other children are now being thrust into school lockdowns and armed SWAT raids for the “crime” of bringing a lime green toy Nerf gun to school.

America has entered a phase of runaway delusional insanity. And remember, they’ve put the psychiatrists in charge. If this isn’t the epitome of putting the mental patients in charge of the insane asylum, nothing is.

Where this is headed

Make no mistake, friends: This power is going to be abused to the extreme. Psychiatrists are going to wield this power against their political enemies (i.e. anyone who doesn’t bow down to psychiatry). “Mental disorders” are now going to be used as weapons to arrest selected people and lock them away in secret government gulags.

The DSM-V “psychiatry bible” will now be used as an encyclopedia of fabricated justifications to strip away human rights, civil rights and the Bill of Rights from anyone targeted by the system.

When does it get even worse? When so-called “mental health checks” for all citizens become mandated by the government.

During all this, there will be absolutely no discussion allowed of the link between psychiatric drugs and violent behavior among school shooters. That’s another inconvenient truth the government would prefer never be acknowledged. Merely mentioning this, in fact, might get you flagged with some sort of mental disorder.

Finally, consider this: In a nation where the President is an imposter and the Vice President has, by anyone’s honest reckoning, lost half his marbles, all those who seek power are the most insane people of all. They hate normalcy. They hate spirituality, ethics, dedication and hard work. They seek to destroy all those who represent that which is good in the universe, and they hope to infect our culture, our economy and our world with a web of cruel delusions. The sooner you recognize that, the better your chances of surviving it.

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. January 22, 2013 10:28 am

    This is NOT the result of people going hysterical after a crazy killed children. This is something this administration has wanted to do from the beginning, and WAITED until a crazy killer of children showed up. You’re thinking logically. They are thinking politically. Furthermore, they WANT us to rebel against what they are doing so they can implement martial law.

  2. Pazuzu permalink
    January 22, 2013 9:27 am

    This is precisely why people are arming themselves in record numbers. The 2nd ammendment is there so that U.S. citizens can defend themselves against a goverment gone rogue (our own). The goverment knows this and is stockpiling ammunition and weapons for the inevitable show down.

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