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Obama To Arm Muslim Brotherhood, But You Can’t Own An AR?

January 14, 2013
John DeMayo
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Obama-MuslimBrotherhoodSometime in late January, as part of a 213 million dollar foreign aid package, the U.S. government intends to deliver 10 F-16 fighter jets and 200 Abrams tanks to Egypt. Quite a nice gesture on the part of the United States considering back in 2010, Mohamed Morsi, the current President of Egypt went on record labeling the U.S. an enemy and called for driving Israel from occupied Arab lands. Sounds like the kind of man I would allow to possess world class U.S. made weaponry.

Almost daily, the U.S. media is entertaining some Obama State Department mouthpiece attempting to publicly re-affirm U.S. commitment to our ally Israel; and insure the American public that our government has the terrorists on the run. I’m sure Israel is just thrilled to know that the new Muslim Brotherhood sponsored Egyptian government will now be rolling a new shipment of American military hardware to the Israeli border and threatening Israeli airspace with Lockheed Martin Fighting Falcons. I wonder how this is going to play with Israeli plans to address the growing Iranian nuclear threat.

In the past, President Morsi has made no secret of his fondness for Islamist ideology and his anti-Semitic vitriol is well documented. Morsi has been known to label Israel as “bloodsuckers,” “warmongers,” and “descendants of apes and pigs.” Morsi, a former member of the Guidance Office of the Muslim Brotherhood has also condemned— what he considers— the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land while calling for severing ties with this “criminal entity, which is supported by America and its weapons.” According to Morsi all the land we recognize as Israel belongs to the Palestinian people. And the U.S. government is going to give this guy weapons?

In all fairness, the arms/foreign aid deal I previously mentioned, was made during the Mubarak Presidency. You remember Hosni Mubarak, the former Egyptian President who used to keep the peace with Israel? A man that was as much an ally of America as any Arab nation could be, but was deposed during the so-called Arab Spring romantically supported by President Obama?

Somehow our President, Barrack Hussein Obama is overlooking the obvious danger (or perhaps he is not) of delivering these weapons to the new Sharia dictatorship that has taken over Egypt under Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Perhaps this is part of Obama’s brilliant “Muslim outreach” we hear so much about. You know, like the outreach that occurred in Libya when they murdered an American Ambassador and some other bumps in the road. Oh well…I still find it hard to understand how the White House can justify sending weapons to a government that is ideologically pre-disposed to dissolving Israel and returning its land to the Palestinians. Why don’t we just give Morsi some tactical nukes and let World War III begin?

I apologize, if this article seems a little scattered or hard to follow, it’s because I feel like I’m on some kind of world altering narcotic at the moment. Barack Obama has that effect on me sometimes.

Here in America, our elected officials are plotting to limit, if not eliminate Americans access to legal firearms….AND…..AMMUNITION…., but the Muslim Brotherhood gets Abrams tanks and F-16’s? What happened to decreasing “mass murders?” Is this just a concept restricted to U.S. citizens? Shouldn’t international mass murder be a concern for the White House as well? Apparently not. Yet Israel is still our greatest ally in the region………….HORSEHOCKEY!

President Obama is not only careless, he is deadly. Sharia is now the law of the land in Egypt. On December 23, 2012, President Morsi crammed through a Sharia based Egyptian constitution that was opposed by over 60% of the Egyptians. Much in the same way President Obama is seeking to cram through gun restrictions—currently opposed by a majority of Americans—that will neuter our 2nd Amendment to our U.S. Constitution.  Clearly both of these men think similarly and share common philosophies.

Although there is a petition…of sorts…circulating around D.C. asking the President to cancel this shipment of weapons (wrapped in a foreign aid package) the White House has been dodging and stalling on addressing the concerns of opponents of so-called Egyptian Aid. My guess is its already on Egyptian soil and Jay Carney will wait until the Friday night of inaugural weekend to announce its arrival in Muslim territory. This way the Obama media can distract Americans from his latest move against Israel while Obama celebrates his second inauguration.

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