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Liberal Leaning Foreign Media Declares War on US Constitution, 2nd Amendment

January 6, 2013
Alex Thomas
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Gun-ConfiscationIn the wake of the horrific mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, the liberal leaning American media has teamed up with numerous foreign media outlets to declare war on the US Constitution and, more specifically, the 2nd Amendment.

Foreign born journalists such as Piers Morgan have openly declared war on Americans right to bear arms, going as far as to push an outright ban of all firearms in what can only be described as a direct attack on the US by a British intelligence agent.

Morgan was merely the first in a long line of foreign-born journalists and news organizations that have spent the last three weeks, with the help of the American left, chastising Americans and demanding that we give up our rights.

An editorial published by the USA Today noted this startling fact and made it shockingly clear that the US Constitution is fully under attack by foreign agents, news organizations, and governments.

“In news outlets around the world, editorials, news stories and columns demand American gun control. Our political debates have gone global and American conservatives are outnumbered in a way few even realize. Factor in the impact of worldwide social media and the Internet has given our home-grown liberals an incredible advantage and distorted what should be a uniquely American debate.”

Foreign media outlets, such as Russia Today, Qatar’s Al-Jazeera and even the BBC, are often state-owned and quite anti-American.

The editorial, written by Dan Gainor, also notes how foreign media pushes foreign solutions for American problems, and then news organizations in the US pick up the talking points.

Predictably, international outlets offer foreign solutions for American problems, such as the gun bans in Britain and Australia. In turn, those policies then become talking points for U.S. media.

A Dec. 21, 2012, NPR story was a prime example. Headlined “Australians Urge U.S. To Look At Their Gun Laws,” it pushed the fantasy that there is “no contradiction with being both conservative and in favor of strict gun ownership laws.

That’s right, American is directly under attack as news outlets around the world continue to lecture us in regards to our right to bear arms. The fact that most of the world is disarmed should send a clear message as to how important private firearm ownership actually is.

In a report by Paul Joseph Watson, the fact that numerous foreign news outlets are using propaganda techniques to alter the American mindset is fully documented.

It was then the turn of the Communist Chinese government to jump on board the anti-gun bandwagon. An editorial in the official state-run media front Xinhua called on Barack Obama to declare “war” on the second amendment and disarm U.S. citizens as soon as possible.

China’s rhetorical assault on the second amendment was particularly ironic given that it was Chairman Mao himself who said, “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”


Not to be outdone, the Kremlin-funded Russia Today television network also lined up to attack gun rights. During an interview with former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts, an RT anchor repeatedly interrupted Roberts when he refused to agree that the Sandy Hook massacre should lead to draconian gun control laws in America.

“I was surprised to see that RT Moscow’s interest was to spread the official US story of the shootings and to ask me if I thought “assault weapons” would be banned as a consequence,” said Roberts, noting that RT refused to acknowledge Roberts’ attempt to cite media reports that confirmed Adam Lanza’s assault rifle was left in his car and was not even used during the massacre.

America is under attack. Our fundamental rights are now being chastised and debated on by foreign-born journalists and media outlets that are directly funded by their respective governments.

Make no mistake, your right to protect YOUR family is under attack. If the American people as a whole let our right to private firearm ownership slip away, we will be nothing more than a nation of sheep waiting to be lead to the slaughter.

It is time that we the people demand an investigation into foreign media outlets such as Al-Jazeera and the BBC who are both engaged in what can only be described as a direct attack on America.

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    January 16, 2013 9:43 am

    Piers Morgan never said he wanted to ban all fire-arms…

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