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Tyranny red alert: Traitorous Senator Feinstein seeking to criminalize nearly all firearms, require nationwide registration and fingerprinting of all gun owners

December 28, 2012
Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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dianne_feinsteinFriends, patriots and all who believe in freedom: Tyranny has run amok in the U.S. Senate, and a new effort is being led by the traitorous anti-American Senator Dianne Feinstein to criminalize nearly all gun owners in America.

Details of a Hitler-style plan for gun registration and the criminalization of nearly all firearms has emerged from Feinstein’s office. It is posted on her website at:

The proposed new law by Feinstein would:

  • Outlaw all AR-15s and anything resembling an “assault rifle,” including .22LR varmint rifles.
  • Outlaw ALL semi-automatic rifles, period.
  • Outlaws nearly all handguns.
  • Allow you to own “permanently disabled weapons.” That’s your new Second Amendment right under the tyranny of the federal government.
  • Massive funding expansion of the ATF to conduct raids on gun owners, during which the plan is to have the government murder and / or arrest and imprison all gun owners.
  • Outlawing the domestic manufacture of nearly all firearms, further gutting the U.S. economy and costing hundreds of thousands of jobs lost while our freedoms are gutted.
  • Outlawing all magazines over 10 rounds, instantly turning tens of millions of Americans into felony criminals.
  • Require nationwide registration of all guns and gun owners, complete with fingerprinting (to build a federal database of all gun owners) and a certification from your local police chief who must vouch for you being “allowed” to own a weapon.

This law follows in the footsteps of Adolf Hitler who first required gun registration, then gun confiscation, and then unleashed genocide.

The traitorous, demonic U.S. Senator Feinstein — one of the most evil, wretched women to have ever disgraced the floor of the U.S. Senate — has patterned her gun confiscation and criminalization law after Adolf Hitler’s laws. This is not surprising, as her desired outcome is exactly the same: the destruction of freedom, the enslavement of the population and the rise of government tyranny in America.

Nationwide registration and fingerprinting

If Sen. Feinstein’s outrageous, unconstitutional and freedom-crushing proposal becomes law, it would require all gun owners to register the serial numbers of all their guns with the federal government. They would have to supply fingerprints, undergo a new round of background checks, and somehow get the “permission” of a local police chief or Sheriff who will vouch for them.

This is Feinstein’s wicked way of essentially criminalizing ALL gun ownership by American citizens. And those who comply with these requirements, thinking the government will then leave them alone, will soon find that they have just given the government the “confiscation list” it needs to go door to door, demanding all the registered firearms.

Gun registration ALWAYS leads to gun confiscation. The reason the government announces gun registration first is because they want to build a list of who to raid and arrest. By announcing “registration” first, they can hoodwink the population into ratting themselves out while the government compiles a “hit list” of all gun owners.

This is a red alert for American freedom. Traitors like Sen. Feinstein know that if they don’t disarm and arrest gun owners across America, they themselves face arrest and imprisonment as traitors to America.

This is the closest thing to a declaration of war against the People as you will ever see. Sen. Feinstein has declared she is an enemy of America, and enemy of liberty, a criminal tyrant and a follower of Adolf Hitler.

Be ready, patriots, to fight this in the House. Natural News calls on all Americans to begin making preparations for a massive phone assault on members of Congress to outright reject the anti-human, anti-liberty proposals of Feinstein.

Read your blogs, websites and social networking outreach campaigns. Get your email lists, phone lists and friends lists ready for action. When this bill gets to the floor of the U.S. Senate, we must absolutely barrage the Senate floor with metaphorical mortar fire from the lawful, legal and upstanding gun owners of America.

Natural News will cover this in detail. Although our focus is traditionally health freedom, food freedom and farm freedom, we fully realize that without the freedom to own firearms, no other freedoms exists at all. A government that disarms the American people will soon follow with forced vaccinations, criminalizing home gardening, outlawing heirloom seeds and more. Don’t believe it? California has already criminalized fresh milk from the farm and has actually sent one man, James Stewart, to prison for distributing fresh milk. California is insane, and Feinstein is the reptilian-like leader of the entire insane asylum known as the California government.

Keep reading Natural News for daily updates on this effort to enslave, criminalize and destroy liberty-loving Americans. Everything is at stake here. The America we know today is about to be abolished by the U.S. Senate.

Get informed: Read the most important article I’ve ever posted: “The Bill of Rights is NOT negotiable.”

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  1. Roxunduttousy permalink
    October 4, 2013 3:16 pm


  2. CHARGER permalink
    December 28, 2012 11:37 am

    dianne feinstein is a sitting member of the bildeberg 100 . that means she is a sitting member of the council. she is a dangerous globalist and every piece of legislation proposed by her furthers her masters goals in that group. her agenda is anti american and she has made it her goal to crush the middle class in california with wave after wave of illegal immigrants from mexico. its the middle class in america that poses the biggest threat to a one world govt. the bildebergs aim to limit the economic and cultural mobility of this class. and finally after tearing down every financial stronghold of the middle class, they want to make it impossible to fight back by taking away the middle class’ weapons. the elites arent included in this new gun control measure , and the poor are already too dependent on the govt for their sustenance or they dont register their weapons. ie they get throw down weapons off the street. that will be the new model in cali. a black market for weapons will rise and thrive. californians will never be disarmed. theyll just find another way to get them. .

  3. upaces88 permalink
    December 28, 2012 8:14 am

    Right after he got into the WH, he made the announcement to: “Re-Register Your Registered Guns.” I am sure that we all knew then where he was headed. I do think we do need to do background checks…but that is as far as it should go in limiting who can carry a weapon.

    Ronald Reagan: We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.

    • 9mmhipchick permalink
      December 28, 2012 11:32 am

      You already need a full federal backround check when purchasing a firearm. Its the straw sales where people break the law, which is when someone purchases a firearm and gives it someone else. Most firearms used in crimes are stolen.

      • upaces88 permalink
        December 28, 2012 11:38 am

        you know that. I know that. He doesn’t care! The people he is scared of is the law abiding, gun toting citizen.

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