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Government Should “Crack Down” On Their Own Guns!

December 24, 2012
Philip Hodges
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GunFreeZoneIf the government hates guns so much, why don’t they get rid of their own? If they think guns are the problem, and that stockpiling weapons and ammo is something that only weirdos and terrorists do, why have they been buying up and stockpiling all the ammo in the past year or so, including hollow point ammo and sniper rounds?

Media and politicians like to ask 2nd Amendment advocates why the law should allow the purchase of “assault” weapons. They ask, “Do you really need assault weapons?” They say the only reason people would ever want to buy one is so they can murder a bunch of people in a short amount of time. Therefore, they say they should be outlawed. A blogger took it a step further:

Well, who really needs more than $50,000 a year to live on? Or more than an 800 sq. foot dwelling? Does anyone need more car than is sufficient to get from A to B at the posted speed limit? Who really needs anything beyond the bare minimum necessary to maintain one’s physical existence? Who needs to live to be older than 80? Who needs to have more than one kid? Do you really need a 40 ounce drink? Or more than one drink of soda per day? How many calories per day does a person need? Oh, but guns are different!

So, does our government really need hollow point ammo? Do they really need to stockpile all those nuclear weapons? How about predator drones that have killed thousands of people, including hundreds of innocent men, women and children? Do they really need those drones? How about all the missiles, tanks, fighter jets and explosive devices? Isn’t that complete overkill? And does Obama really need his Secret Service to carry fully automatic weapons?

And all those sanctimonious gun control media pundits like Piers Morgan and Soledad O’Brien. I bet they’ve got armed bodyguards that protect them when they’re out in public. Is that really necessary, though? They need to politely ask their bodyguards to turn in their weapons. They all need to “do their part.”

‘Cause we’re all in this together, right? Together as a country, we can get this gun problem under control. We’ve got to work together as a nation to get all the guns off the streets, out of people’s homes and out of the hands and holsters of law-abiding citizens and government and military officials alike everywhere. Then we’d be safer.

Obama needs to do the same for the Secret Service, the Department of Homeland Security, the Military, all federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and all intelligence agencies. And then, we just need to have one, big national gun-burning party. After this massive national weapon purge, Obama could construct giant placards around our borders that could be seen from hundreds of miles away proudly declaring to the world that we are now a completely gun-free nation.

Then government buildings would be “gun free zones,” which would mean even security guards and cops wouldn’t be carrying guns. Police stations, universities, courthouses, FBI offices, military bases and embassies would all be “gun free.” And then finally America would emerge as a utopian safe haven…for terrorists and violent criminals.

If all these self-righteous, posturing gun grabbers in the government and all those script-reading actors on the “news” who call themselves reporters really want to force us all to relinquish our 2nd Amendment rights, we should all tell them, “You first.”

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