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Naughty new disorder: Researchers attempting to make consensual sex a mental illness

December 21, 2012
Mike Bundrant
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Couple-RelaxingPsychiatry continues its imperialistic efforts to diagnose every human condition as a mental illness with a billing code and proper pharmaceutical intervention.

The latest on the docket is sex, with the proposed Hypersexual Disorder.

Yep, if you like to have a lot of sex or use sex to feel good, some medical researchers want you to be diagnosable. What are the “symptoms” of the naughty new disorder?

Science Daily reports:

These include a recurring pattern of sexual fantasies, urges and behaviors lasting a period of six months or longer that are not caused by other issues, such as substance abuse, another medical condition or manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder. Also, individuals who might be diagnosed with this disorder must show a pattern of sexual activity in response to unpleasant mood states, such as feeling depressed, or a pattern of repeatedly using sex as a way of coping with stress.

Well, I guess EVERY GUY WHO HAS EVER LIVED should be sent directly to the psych ward!

Most of the children on this earth would not be here if their father had not been fantasizing about their mother at some point. And let’s see – I am feeling down and think that making love might put me in a better state – and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, IT WORKS!

Yet, psychiatrists would rather you believe that you have a disorder and need to be drugged if you use sex in a totally natural way. With these criteria, ANYTHING healthy could apply. Do you use exercise to pick up your mood or reduce stress? How about a hobby? Does gardening get your mind off what is bothering you? Perhaps you have Hypergardening Disorder.

Wait! I think I know what is going on here!

Hey doc, are you having a tough time in the…umm…bedroom? I mean, you know, are certain things getting, well, hard to come by?

It’s ok. I mean we are all human! Relax, don’t do it.

You don’t need to project your sexual issues onto the rest of humanity. Just because you apparently aren’t performing all that well these days doesn’t mean other people should not be allowed to enjoy sex (even hyper-enjoy it).

Dirty little tricks

As is typical, researchers “clarify” (read: justify) their vague and sweeping diagnostic generalizations by suggesting that it is only diagnosed if “the patient feels it is a problem.” This might seem reasonable until you really think about it.

Many people reading a pamphlet or a newspaper article do not think skeptically about these things. And they do not necessarily know what is considered normal, abnormal or problematic.

Not to worry! Your doctor will provide the answer and he has a handy new diagnostic manual to do it. See how it works? They leave it up to you to decide if you have a problem, but tell you how to define the problem. Worse, their definition of a disorder includes a ton of normal, natural behavior.

Most disturbing of all

Researchers suggest that: This appears to be a disorder that emerges in adolescence and young adulthood, which has ramifications for early intervention and prevention strategies.

So, take people at the peak of their natural sexuality, suggest that what they are experiencing is a disorderor may become a disorder – and needs to be prevented with their “strategies.”

This isn’t funny anymore.

The good news is, Hypersexual Disorder has not been admitted into the psychiatric bible yet, the soon to be released DSM-5, much to the chagrin of many self-proclaimed “progressive” mental health pros. Yes, in their own words, “even consensual sexual behavior can be a problem.”

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